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On Zoning of the Projected University Campus


On Zoning of the Projected University Campus

Polovtsev I.N.

Incoming article date: 18.10.2014

The paper discusses the issue of necessity of creation of residential area for teachers in the territory of newly projected campuses. It allows the University to invite highly qualified teachers, including from abroad. Providing the teachers and employees of the University with flats is the practice adopted before the revolution of 1917. The paper offers the norms for designing the flats of teachers of various categories (post-graduate students, professors). The evaluation of expenditures for construction of residential premises for the teachers and employees of the University, as well as dormitories for students has been conducted. The comparison of the cost of construction with the expenditures for a full cycle of preparation of a Specialist (Bachelor) in the University has been given. The author also comes to the conclusion that the presence of a parking zone in the campus is superfluous for the territories located to the north of the middle zone of Russia. The conformance of the campus to modern environmental requirements, in the author’s opinion, may be provided not only by the creation of parks, but by using building and premises arrangement technologies that save energy.

Keywords: territorial development, zoning, university, campus, residential area, university buildings, design, cost planning