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Optimization of the use of steel beams in complex reinforced concrete floors


Optimization of the use of steel beams in complex reinforced concrete floors

Kuznetsov V.S., Shaposhnikova Yu.A.

Incoming article date: 18.11.2019

The article discusses the features of the work of a monolithic flooring on a professional flooring, based on steel I-beams. An engineering method for determining the optimal cross-sections of I-beam steel beams is described, based on the compatibility of deformations of floor elements. Simple design formulas are proposed for preliminary determination of the optimal geometric dimensions, beams of their spans and loads. Strength calculations are performed, and the results of a numerical experiment are compared and analyzed. A table is presented in which the destructive linear load for some beams and spans is calculated, according to the results of the table, graphical dependences of the stresses in the beams are constructed as a function of the spans and relative deflections, as well as the stresses corresponding to the destruction of the beam. The optimal utilization rates of materials obtained in accordance with the requirements of strength and deformability of floors are established. The results can be used in the design of combined beams of various sections and spans.

Keywords: I-beam, combined beam, material utilization rate, standard deflection, profiled sheet, strength, profiled flooring, steel-reinforced concrete flooring