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Ecological forecasting of water pollution Heavy metal


Ecological forecasting of water pollution Heavy metal

V. Yu. Vishnevetskiy, V.S. Ledyaeva

Incoming article date: 17.12.2014

Long found a direct link between the quality of drinking water and human longevity. Heavy metals getting into our bodies remain there forever, you can get them only with the help of milk proteins and porcini mushrooms. They poison human body, they are also mechanically clog it - heavy metal ions deposited on the walls of the body and thinnest systems clog channels kidney, liver channels, thereby reducing the filtration capacity of these organs. Accordingly, this leads to an accumulation of toxins and waste products of cells of our body, i.e. self-poisoning organism. Ecological forecasting is based on a miscalculation of the possible future behavior of natural systems under the influence of both natural processes and anthropogenic factors. It is therefore advisable during environmental monitoring use spatial modeling of pollutants in the aquatic environment, which will allow to visualize the distribution of pollutants and to reveal the dynamics of pollution. The results of modeling the distribution of pollutants into waters of the Gulf of Taganrog.

Keywords: Ecological forecasting, environmental monitoring, drinking water, heavy metals.