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The creation of car dealership activity information system


The creation of car dealership activity information system

Anisimova G.B., Frolov R.A.

Incoming article date: 15.04.2022

The creation of information system for automation of sales in a car dealership is described. The life cycle first two stages are given. The analysis of the subject area and AIS design with the use of the methodology of the structural approach was carried out. IDEF0 AS IS model was built, using CASE technology BPwin. The analysis of this model allows us to identify its "bottlenecks" and formulate the TO BE car dealership model requirements. The re-engineering was done and TO BE model was built taking into account the identified shortcomings. DFD-diagram was constructed depicting the data flows in the projected information system . The database design in ERD-diagrams form was made on DFD basis. Using CASE-technology Erwin Data Modeler, one can create automatically the database structure in the selected DBMS MySQL in the form of linked tables totality. The user interface design of the car dealership information system was also made.

Keywords: subject area analysis, design, information system, structural approach, reengineering, CASE tool, IDEF0 diagram, DFD diagram, ERD diagram