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  • Reviews, suggestions and discussions

  • Principles of design of coastal territories in the structure of a large city: on the example of Volgograd

    The article considers the trends in the development of coastal management in the United States, great Britain and Australia, and analyzes the current situation of the coastal zone of Volgograd. Recommendations are offered based on the experience of foreign countries.

    Keywords: coastal zone, management program, coastline, waterfront area environment, sustainable planning, design approach, architectural environment, waterfront

  • Realize construction and technical expertise of pools

    The water recreation industry is actively developing. An individual pool at home is also not uncommon for a long time, because everyone wants to live in comfortable conditions. Modern country houses place the pool on the ground floor of the premises on the plot next to the house. Despite the financial costs and time for maintenance, the health benefits of the pool, as well as the variety of leisure activities through taking water procedures or playing with children, are a very powerful argument in order to arrange a pool at home.The number of pools is increasing and the number of pools built with defects is also increasing. it may be because use low-quality construction materials and reduce their volumes, perform work by unskilled employees, violate the requirements of construction documents of the project. therefore it is necessary to carry out construction and technical examination.

    Keywords: construction, swimming pool, construction and technical expertise, regulatory documentation, defects

  • National higher school in the context of global integration

    The article analyzes the current state of the public administration and the organization of the learning process in higher educational establishments and aims to its development in the global integration conditional processes. It is claimed the disproportion that has formed in modern Russian education between two partners of the process. Accordingly, it has its consequence a clear prevalence of an orientation towards integration into the world educational environment to the detriment of the preserving national positive characteristics. The author analyzes the traditional specific characteristics of the educational process organization in the Russian higher education which has provided it with world-class achievements in the training quality. The author emphasizes its inherent combination in the education with educational and upbringing processes and substantiates the necessity to develop the humanitarian training of any specialist, ensuring his accomplishment as a worthy citizen of the country. An attempt is made to establish a theoretical scheme of the nationally special and globally universal interdependence for improving professional and educational activities. The author proves the importance of the differentiated approach to the training managers and industry specialists: firstly, this is the area of the administrative structures` responsibility; secondly, it is the professional community with academic freedom and economic privileges.

    Keywords: history, national history, transnational history, integration, globalization, education, personal model, competence model

  • Institutional barriers to the development of the knowledge economy

    The formation and effective development of the knowledge economy in the country is possible only with a stable and Mature institutional environment. Indices of the knowledge economy and institutional regime calculated using the world Bank methodology determine the country's readiness for further development. According to the rating, Russia shows a problematic institutional component. The article examines the main institutional problems and barriers, namely institutional traps that hinder the development of the knowledge economy, explains their mechanisms and consequences for the Russian economy, and suggests ways out of them.

    Keywords: knowledge economy, institutional traps, barriers, innovation, economic development, mechanism

  • Strategic planning in a construction organization

    The essence of strategic planning is revealed. The importance of strategic planning in construction is proved. The stages of strategic planning are briefly described. The strategic planning procedure is described. The stages of implementing the strategic plan are outlined.

    Keywords: strategic planning, organization, construction, resources, financing, development, modeling, expert, implementation, information

  • Technical science. Informatics, computer facilities and management

  • On the issue of calculating the steady-state modes of electric power systems

    When determining the locations of compensating devices, it is necessary to make complex calculations that take into account various factors (included in the equations in the form of variables). To get results, calculations are performed repeatedly. Newton's method with coefficients in the form of a Jacobi matrix is widely used. An algorithm for solving the necessary equations by the Gauss method is considered, and the required number of iterations is determined to obtain reliable results.

    Keywords: compensating devices, electric power, network state, nodal conductivity matrix, Gauss method, algorithm, Newton's method, electrical nodes, iterations, convergence, algorithm

  • Development of a methodology for constructing a fault-tolerant authentication system for low-orbit satellites operating in a polynomial system of residue classes

    One of the effective ways to increase the information secrecy of a constellation of low-orbit spacecraft (LVS) is the use of a satellite authentication system (SAS). In order to reduce the time spent on determining the status of the satellite, as well as to increase the fault tolerance of the identification system, in a number of works it is proposed to use the codes of the polynomial system of residue classes (PSCS). This paper presents a methodology for constructing a fault-tolerant authentication system for a spacecraft, which is based on exchange operations implemented in PSKV codes. Using exchange operations, that is, changing the number of informational and redundant bases, it is possible to ensure the possibility of maintaining the operational state of the identification system in the event of a sequence of failures, as a result of which the level of information secrecy of the NSA will not be reduced.

    Keywords: satellite authentication system, polynomial system of residue classes, exchange operations, method of building a fault-tolerant identification system

  • Method for secure storage of biometric data on spatially distributed storages

    The article provides an overview of some methods of personal identification based on his biometric data, as well as the basic principles of the implementation of these methods. A method for the reliable storage of biometric data on remote spatially distributed storages using algorithms based on the residual class system is also proposed.

    Keywords: personal identification methods, biometric human identifiers, residual class system, data separation schemes

  • Application of neural networks in the problem of determining the method of influence for the developed oil field

    The article discusses various options for determining the method of stimulating the oil reservoir using artificial neural networks. A topology of a cascade of neural networks is proposed to determine the type and method of the method of exposure. The possibility of using for this problem a hybrid neural network consisting of a Kohonen network, a Grossberg star layer and a multilayer perceptron is also considered.

    Keywords: neural networks, oil recovery factor, displacement methods, Grossberg stars, Kohonen network, hybrid neural network

  • Stability control of robotic medical exoskeletons

    The idea of using a stability control system, developed for small robots, on active (robotic) exoskeletons to recover patients with impaired walking function. A method for controlling gait stability based on the zero-moment point is proposed. It takes into account the inclination angle of the sports surface, which is achieved by controlling the ankle joint of the exoskeleton. The results show that the proposed control method ensures the stability of the human-exoskeleton system when walking on a swinging surface in the presence of momentary disturbances.

    Keywords: medical exoskeleton, huamnoid robot, stability control

  • SDR study stand

    Soft Defined Radio (SDR) or a software-configurable receiver is the most promising direction for the development of modern radio receivers. Therefore, the study of the principles of its construction should be given special attention in the training of radio engineers. However, since most of the operations for processing and converting the received signal are carried out in software, including in signal processors, the construction of a laboratory layout that is easy to understand raises questions. In this paper, for the greatest coverage of all the processes of processing and converting the received signal, it is proposed that the laboratory model be implemented on the basis of the superheterodyne receiver model with double frequency conversion with a nonzero intermediate frequency. The result is the ability to study the impact of software settings and the adjustment of the parameters of individual structural elements of the circuit (model), as well as the types of individual elements.

    Keywords: Soft Defined Radio, band-pass filter, SDR receiver, two-position coding, time constant, amplitude-to-digital converter, BPSK, bandwidth

  • Simulation of the design activity diversification of innovative enterprise

    The main maintenance of a diversification of production as activity of subjects of managing is considered. being shown in purchase of the operating enterprises, the organizations of the new enterprises, redistribution of investments in interests of the organization and development of new production on available floor spaces. The most important organizational economic targets of a diversification of management are presented by innovative activity of the industrial enterprise.

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production

  • Possible approach to automatical alignment of spatial forms

    The article describes use of a PDF printout as the complementary source of unique spatial data in addition to the data from interchange format files. Predate methodic already published by author is proposed to be supplied with the original algorithm for automatical spatial alignment of the two vector maps with similar origin and purpose. Some of the existing methods and their drawbacks are briefly mentioned. General description of the method, it's limitations and possibilities are described; algorithmycal solution provided with some schemas. The practical mean of existing technology and it's possible approaches with the use of the new algorithm are pointed out.

    Keywords: geographic information system, data integration, vector map, interchange format, PDF, coordinate transformation, spatial alignment, similarity transformation, least squares' method, algorythmic solution

  • Increasing the reliability of threshold data separation schemes

    The paper discusses the use of threshold data separation schemes, as one of the promising areas of protection of both private and commercial information. In such schemes, parts of information are distributed among spatially distributed data storages, and information recovery is possible using at least one of the parts. The main disadvantage of such schemes is that they can be easily compromised, for example, if any part of the data is lost, or if the data is falsified by an intruder, it is impossible to localize the error, and, therefore, restore the original information. To solve this disadvantage, it is proposed to use schemes based on the system of residual classes [1] (RNS). The use of data separation algorithms based on the RNS will lead to a decrease in computational complexity, and, consequently, to a decrease in the load on data transmission media. Another advantage of SOCs is that they have corrective properties. A proportional increase in the number of information and redundant modules when using classical data separation schemes will lead to a sharp decrease in the reliability of the entire data exchange scheme. To solve this disadvantage, it is proposed to divide the information into groups, and then distribute it among the participants in the data exchange scheme.

    Keywords: threshold separation of data, System of residual classes, reliability of data exchange schemes

  • Comparative analysis of the emotional perception of friendship between students of Grozny and Rostov-on-Don Part I

    The work is based on experimental results obtained by a survey among students of Grozny and Rostov-on-Don. The affective component of students ' attitudes towards friendship was determined by the technology of semantic differential Ch. Osgood. The distribution functions of the respondents ' emotional attitude to virtual and real friendship, calculated in the framework of a previously developed nonlinear stochastic model, are presented. The results of the comparative analysis show that in the group as a whole, the difference in the perception of real friendship between the respondents of both cities is small. On average, Grozny residents are a little more positive about real friendship. Students of both studied samples perceive virtual friendship in general more negatively than real friendship. But here the difference in relations is more significant. Subgroups with a positive perception in Grozny are about 10% less. On average, Grozny residents are more negative about virtual friendship than Rostov residents. Most likely, this is due to a difference in mentality.

    Keywords: friendship, virtual friendship, affective component of attitudes, semantic differential technology, nonlinear phenomenological model, comparative analysis

  • Technical science. Building and architecture

  • New developments in housing construction abroad Part I

    Development is a necessary component of the processes taking place around us, without which it becomes impossible to improve the quality of our lives. In this article, we will focus on innovations in construction, but only those that are not just an innovation, but rather a necessary component that allows you to bring the process and economy of construction to a higher level, and, simply put, are the engine of development of the industry. So, let's look at a few innovations that, when used in mass production, can significantly simplify, speed up and reduce the cost of building construction.

    Keywords: construction, innovation, 3D printing, modular construction, innovative bricks, concrete, plastic, hybrid structures, wood, hollow elements, plastic, composite sleepers, foundations, cladding, aluminum, ceramics, green construction, eco-floating houses

  • The dependence of the bearing capacity on the class of concrete on the example of flexible reinforced concrete columns with combined reinforcement

    The search for the most efficient and cost-effective materials and structures is an important and urgent task. Reducing steel consumption can significantly affect the cost of structures, and the use of high-strength steel is one such method. Currently, there is great interest in reinforced concrete structures, which contain various combinations of pre-compressed, pre-tensioned and non-tensioned reinforcement. To determine the dependence of the bearing capacity on the class of concrete using the example of flexible reinforced concrete columns with combined reinforcement, a numerical experiment was performed. The performed numerical experiment showed the feasibility of using combined reinforcement - all the racks considered in the experiment with combined reinforcement are more effective than racks with non-tensioned reinforcement. At the same time, depending on the relative eccentricity of external forces and flexibility, it is necessary to choose the most effective type of combined reinforcement.

    Keywords: column, combined reinforcement, prestressing, flexibility, reinforced concrete

  • Anisotropy of the strength properties of a cement stone at its short-term loading at early age

    Increased concrete strength due to early loading is one of the priorities of concrete technology. Many articles contain data on changes in compressive strength after early loading. The first person to test early concrete loading was Satalkin. He tested bridge supports for static and dynamic loads. The results of his work became the basis for further research in the field of early loading of concrete. The objective of this work is to study the tensile strength in bending after early loading and to check the influence of the orientation of the samples under load. Also we considered the effect of active mineral additives on this parameter. The object of study is samples of cement-sand dough prepared on a Portland cement binder of various manufacturers. We noted a difference in the strength characteristics in bending by changing the orientation of the samples when testing them after early loading. The maximum increment of strength is noted in a plane perpendicular to the direction of compressive force. The use of a mineral additive with the replacement of a fraction of cement gave the attenuation of the observed effect.

    Keywords: anisotropy of strength properties, early loading of concrete, cement composite, flexural strength, mineral additive

  • On the development of an energy-cooling system for the complete isolation of a special fortification

    The types of Autonomous stationary energy-cooling systems designed for complete isolation of special objects operating without connection with the atmosphere are Considered. A technical solution is proposed that allows increasing the efficiency of the energy-cooling system, reducing the consumption of process water due to its partial recirculation for cooling the engine of an Autonomous power plant, as well as increasing the period of complete isolation of the object.

    Keywords: energy-cooling system, underground facility, military infrastructure, complete isolation mode

  • Determination of intensity of movement of motor roads of local importance, located on the Factory highway in Samara

    The problem of major repairs on the factory highway in Samara still remains unresolved, although the issue has been acute for many years. During this time, as statistics show, there were a lot of accidents and damage to vehicles. A heavy load on the roadbed leads to rapid wear of the asphalt surface, as a result, almost every year the Factory highway needs repairs. The load on the highway will increase even more when the section of road connecting the new Kirovsky bridge with the Zavodsky highway is built. The automobile road in Samara along the ZAVODSKOE highway needs major repairs for several years, but the work does not begin, and every spring its condition worsens more and more. The issue remains relevant today.

    Keywords: automobile road, ZAVODSKOE highway, traffic intensity, climate zone, engineering and geological conditions, major repairs

  • Optimization of modified concrete composition based on aggregates from concrete scrap

    The results of optimizing the composition of concrete based on aggregates from crushed concrete are presented. With the help of mathematical and natural modeling matched the composition of the expanding agents sulfoaluminate type, the optimal percentage of components of the modified cement required for producing a material with improved performance characteristics, the mathematical model construction and technical properties of the concrete and the kinetics of their changes to take into account the time factor and strength and weathering.

    Keywords: mathematical modeling, expanding additive, factor experiment, influencing factors, level of variation, experiment planning matrix

  • Modern methods of assessing the organizational and technological reliability of the investment and construction complex

    The article deals with current methods of evaluating the organization and management in construction under conditions of uncertainty. The typology of the failure process is given, which determines the scenario of the crisis development at the enterprise. A model of forecasting and management in a crisis is proposed, and the conceptual aspects of building this model are considered. It is proposed to improve the enterprise management system based on the analysis of the economic component as a temporary function. Recommendations are given for improving the existing organizational forms of enterprise management.

    Keywords: construction organization, organizational and technological solutions, reliability assessment, construction quality assessment