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  • Research of algorithms vibroacoustic diagnostics vehicles

    With the growing fleet's increasingly acute problem arises safety and reliability their exploitation as a result of this increase in productivity and accuracy of their technical diagnostics. Urgent task to further improve diagnosis for vehicles is to develop new methods and algorithms highlight the dominant component of the information in relation to a wide class of vehicles. The methods joint time-frequency and wavelet analysis. To isolate the dominant component of the information proposed to use the method of wavelet decomposition. Using vibro acoustic registration nodes vehicles funds allowed to receive signals carrying information about the defects of individual units of vehicles. The proposed decoding algorithms signals have high reliability, allow technical inspection, subsequent monitoring of the technical state of the vehicle. Using vibroacoustic registration of vehicles allowed nodes receive signals carry-ing information about the defects of individual units of vehicles. The proposed decoding algorithms signals have high reliability, allow technical inspection, subsequent monitoring of the technical state of the vehicle.

    Keywords: vehicle, vibroacoustic diagnostics, dominant information, time-frequency analysis, wavelet analysis

  • The basis for the security of the state power

    The article is devoted to the analysis of the principles of energy security of the state and the study of the influence of energy on the level of national security. Considered threats to energy security and the basic directions of its implementation. Examples of world experience in ensuring the reliability of energy systems and power supply. The principles and approaches of maintaining the energy security of the state.

    Keywords: electricity, security, reliability, power supply

  • Improving the efficiency of thermal power plants by controlling the combustion of fuel in the ion current signal

    The methods of improving the efficiency of thermal power plants. Improve the efficiency improvement offers reach the combustion process. Outlines the benefits of controlling the combustion of fuel in the ion current signal.

    Keywords: power system, power plants, combustion control, the ion current, the detonation

  • The research questions about the compressed reinforced concrete structures strengthened different types of composite materials

    The article presents a brief overview of the results of a study of the compressed elements in our country and abroad, reinforced composite materials. Noted that in Russia this question is poorly understood. Represented a broad research program developed by the Department JBK RSSU aimed to fill these questions.

    Keywords: concrete, steel, carbon-fiber reinforcement, test samples, strength, deformability, cracking.

  • The structure of data processing unit of multi-sensor system for concentration monitoring of heavy metal ions in aqueous media

    Common conceptions are given about multi-sensor systems. The structure of the data processing unit of multi-sensor system for concentration monitoring of heavy metals ions in aqueous media is described. Main stages of the data processing, – clustering and quantitative identification are introduced. The approach which presupposes use of artificial neural networks, – Kohonen networks and radial basis function networks, is designed. Such algorithmic architecture is implemented which allows to avoid significant computing resources expenses. The program for computer IBM PC in high-level language of application package MATLAB is written.

    Keywords: Multi-sensor systems, artificial neural networks, Kohonen networks, radial basis function networks, data processing, pattern recognition, environmental monitoring, heavy metals, ion-selective electrodes

  • Export-oriented policy as a tool of the industrial sector

    The main maintenance of a diversification of production as activity of subjects of managing is considered. being shown in purchase of the operating enterprises, the organizations of the new enterprises, redistribution of investments in interests of the organization and development of new production on available floor spaces. The most important organizational economic targets of a diversification of management are presented by innovative activity of the industrial enterprise.

    Keywords: industrial policy, import substitution, export-oriented policies, the competitiveness of industries

  • University marketing: market policy, innovative self-employment of graduates and creation of hi-tech startups. Part 1

    The results of theoretical analysis and application development of the marketing concept that underlies the market policy of the university, determining the direction and content of the education services, creating opportunities and conditions for self-learners and graduates are given. Special attention is paid to the marketing of education services and self-employment of graduates, focused on startups, high technology and scientific capacity production, as potential innovators of Russian economy modernization, which is to acquire the features of new economy and knowledge economy. The article can be useful for economists and technical specialists dealing with the problem of increasing the efficiency of educational institutions, employment of graduates and development of self-employment.

    Keywords: Marketing, market policy, university, educational services, self-employment, startup, labor market, new economy, knowledge economy, high-technologies, scientific capacity production

  • Research questions of flexural reinforced concrete elements, strengthened with different types of composite materials

    The questions related to the study of various varying factors on the strength of normal sections in beams. Here's a program of research by one methodology designed to study the effect of the type and content of steel reinforcement and externally composite on the strength of normal sections that have not previously been investigated.

    Keywords: Concrete, reinforced concrete, the percentage of reinforcement, carbon frp sheets, fiberglass, laminates

  • Construction lending covenant

    Construction lending risks define a special operations procedure for lender. The most important measure to construction lending risk minimization are the covenants (information and financial). The information covenants are used for minimization the hidden information (pre-contractual opportunism), and financial covenants (positive and negative) – for minimization the hidden action (post-contractual opportunism). Institutionalization of covenants as a relevant control and supervision procedure allow to reduce information asymmetry and make the construction lending process less risky and more predictable for concerned parties (agent and principal).

    Keywords: real estate financing, default risk, construction loans, credit capacity, debt, financial covenant

      The study provides an overview of transformations in the forest sector in Russia, performed by scientists at Petrozavodsk State University, discussed their proposed classification of the historical stages of forest transformation and directions for further research. 

    Keywords: research, history, classification, forest sector transformation

  • Concreting at low temperatures

    Winter concreting is considered. Problems and the reasons of a tverdeniye of concrete at negative temperatures and their possible decision. Introduction of additives for frost resistance increase. Thermos method. Concrete warming up. And as sharing of several methods for economy of resources and improvement of quality of winter concreting.

    Keywords: concreting at low temperatures, a thermos method, concrete warming up, concrete concealment by a film and Temami, sharing of all methods

  • Value-Oriented Conception of the Restructuring Controlling

    The article examines evolution of the ideas about the main goal of enterprise activity from the profit maximization to the value maximization for all stakeholders. The conception of controlling is examined. The need of controlling adoption in integrated business groups is substantiated.

    Keywords: restructuring, controlling, conception, value-oriented management, integrated business group

  • The use of differential thermal analysis to study the properties of the modified of slag-alkaline binder

    The article deals with the results of studies of the effect of additives on the grinding intensifiers processes of structure binders. The studies were conducted by differential thermal analysis of the samples of compositions with applicable supplements.

    Keywords: slag-alkaline astringent, intensificators of grinding, differential thermal analysis , dehydration, endothermic effect, exothermic effect

  • Application of imitating modeling for developing a perspective plan of the city’s housing renewal

    In the article the imitating system of a perspective plan of the housing renewal, developed by the author, including dynamic model of the housing technical condition change, model of financial support for the realization of a perspective plan, optimization model of the housing renewal perspective plan is considered

    Keywords: Imitating model, Renewal, Housing, Optimization, Means

  • Features of evaluating the effectiveness of educational services

    In the information society education is a factor in the effective functioning of public and political system. In this regard, management of the education system is of particular importance. The most important are the issues with the system analysis of factors influencing the development and modernization of the education system, effective use of resources in this sphere, the quantitative and qualitative assessment of performance of educational institutions functioning in a market economy.

    Keywords: market economy, social sphere, the sphere of services, the education system, the quantitative and qualitative assessment of the effectiveness and quality of educational services.