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  • Increasing the efficiency of organizational and technological support for the capital repair system at the present stage

    One of the tasks of the state is to create decent living conditions for the population, including providing people with high-quality and comfortable housing. However, over time, housing wears out, becomes outdated, and becomes unsuitable for use. In order to slow down and prevent rapid deterioration of capital construction projects, capital repair measures are being implemented. They are aimed at restoring and replacing structural elements of residential buildings that have fallen into disrepair. Overhaul of housing is a complex of organizational, technological and economic measures aimed at reducing and eliminating the physical deterioration of buildings. Thus, the creation of decent living conditions for the population and the safety of the housing stock, as well as increasing its energy efficiency, depend on the effectiveness of the organization of the capital repair system and its organizational and technological support.

    Keywords: major renovation, apartment building, repair and construction work, energy saving, energy efficiency

  • Organizational and methodological aspects of construction and technical research

    Judicial construction and technical expertise is used to resolve disputes between customers and project executors and is carried out on the direct order of legal entities or individuals, including in connection with the need to provide expert information to the court. In the course of construction and technical research, various kinds of tasks arise before the expert, the solution of which allows us to formulate answers to the questions posed in the framework of the study.

    Keywords: forensic construction and technical expertise, expert opinion, tasks of the expertise, questions of the expertise, expert-builder, inspection of the object.

  • Multi-criteria assessment of options for design solutions for the installation of special-purpose structures within the framework of construction and technical expertise

    The article discusses methods and models for evaluating options for design solutions for the installation of special-purpose structures when solving problems of construction and technical expertise, and also describes a catalog of design solutions for the installation of special structures, including information on cost, resource, time characteristics and possible technological methods, mechanization tools used materials, the need for transport, the necessary quantitative and qualitative composition of brigades and links of workers.

    Keywords: construction and technical expertise; design solutions; installation of special facilities; construction expert; multi-criteria assessment; organizational and technological solutions

  • Selection of design solutions for construction production during a judicial construction and technical expertise

    The article discusses the basic principles for choosing multi-purpose design solutions for construction production during a forensic construction and technical expertise, and also presents an algorithm for solving problems of this type. Based on the interpretation of the results of theoretical work and the analysis of judicial practice, a method was obtained that can be used in the conduct of judicial construction and technical expertise to solve the problems of choosing design solutions and materials.

    Keywords: judicial construction and technical expertise; building production; design solutions; construction expert; mathematical modeling

  • Organizational aspects of creating an accessible urban environment for people with limited mobility

    In today's Russian society, people with limited mobility often have limited access to urban resources; therefore, ensuring their independent life is an important task for the state and society. The idea of forming a barrier-free urban environment is relevant, which necessitates the creation of modern and promising methods for adapting urban space for people with limited mobility.

    Keywords: barrier-free environment, people with limited mobility, accessible urban environment, city territory, infrastructure, government program

  • Problems of construction and technical expertise in determining the volume and cost of actually qualitatively performed works

    The construction industry at all times was one of the most popular, as it is closely connected with the life of people. The stronger the population of our planet grows, the more it becomes necessary to erect an ever larger number of be it industrial or residential buildings and structures. This article discusses the problems of technical expertise in determining the volume and cost of actually high-quality work performed. The main problem is that most of the works carried out during construction (repair) are hidden and it is not possible to verify them, therefore, the expert in this examination is forced to be guided by the acts of examination of hidden works and the journal of the work. One of the main causes of disputes between the customer and the contractor is the overestimated volume of work performed, as well as poorly executed work.

    Keywords: Problem, expertise, covert operation, hidden work, construction, repairs, cause, dishonesty, conclusion, expert, quality

  • The choice of energy-efficient technological processes in the reconstruction of buildings of universities

    Organizational and technological modeling as applied to the processes of reconstruction of buildings of higher education institutions is based on the division of models into structural and functional components - a model of the spatial and technological structure and a functional model of the process of reconstruction of a building of higher education institutions. The article discusses the organization of the work site with the technological sequence of the flow of work processes. Taking this into account, graphs of works were compiled by stages, showing the possibility of parallel production of works, as well as showing the necessary work preceding them. Based on this, a conclusion was made about the effectiveness of the application of the methodology of organizational and technical modeling to increase organizational efficiency.

    Keywords: technological process, reconstruction, university building, resource and technological module, energy saving, energy efficiency increase, structural element, network schedule, digraph, work operation

  • The role of the state in improving the urban environment

    The article touches on the relevance of the problem of territory improvement and the role of the state in its solution not only in Russia, but also abroad. Examples of long-term state programs and projects aimed at "improving" urban areas are given, and tasks, deadlines, and responsible persons for the result are defined. The importance of carrying out such activities as reconstruction, renovation and modernization of territories and existing buildings that do not meet a number of modern requirements.

    Keywords: improvement of the territory, modernization, state program, regional program, renovation, comfort, formation of a modern urban environment, "improvement" of urban areas

  • Problems of implementation of regional capital repair programs (on the example of the Rostov region)

    Improving the quality characteristics of the operated housing stock, today, is one of the urgent tasks. The mechanism for solving this problem is the ongoing regional capital repair programs. The basis of an effective capital repair program should be reliable data on the actual technical condition of the facilities, allowing you to determine the required list of types of work, as well as the cost. However, despite significant results, a number of problems have been identified. The article highlights the technical and strategic problems of implementing capital repair programs, and defines the features of performing repair work on cultural heritage sites. This information will allow us to create programs that take into account not only the specifics and degree of deterioration of the region's housing stock, but also to create a system of resource provision for the medium term, assuming the achievement of the target values.

    Keywords: Major repairs, organization of work, capital repair program, period of work, monitoring, wear and tear, shortage of specialists, modeling, technical condition, production

  • Renovation as a form of modernization of urban areas

    Cities around the world lack land resources, despite the fact that the housing stock is in a state of extreme deterioration. The solution to this problem becomes such a concept as renovation - the process of updating urban space. This mechanism is currently provided for in the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation, but for a number of reasons its implementation in practice is limited. Renovation is necessary in the prevailing conditions of the modern world in order to adapt the spaces of former industrial zones for their use in an already new format. The vast majority of industrial companies cease to operate within cities, and their territories turn into neglected neglected development, isolated from the urban social environment. The authors of this article reviewed and analyzed the benefits of implementing renovation programs for residents of the Russian Federation.

    Keywords: renovation, eco-construction, depressed territories, modernization of urban areas, development of regions, redevelopment buildings

  • Analysis of the implementation of individual elements of the state program "Formation of a comfortable urban environment" in the Rostov region

    Currently, special attention is paid to creating a comfortable urban environment, as a result of this there is a need to create projects that contribute to improving the quality of life of the population. In this paper, we consider two subprograms of the Rostov region: "Improvement of public territories of municipalities of the Rostov region" and "Improvement of the courtyards of apartment buildings in the Rostov region", operating under the state program "Formation of a comfortable urban environment." The number of transformed public and house territories from the moment of implementation of these subprograms of the Rostov region is analyzed.

    Keywords: comfortable urban environment, state program, land improvement, public areas, transformation

  • Organizational and technological factors of construction production affecting the main parameters of capital construction projects

    The article identifies groups of factors influencing the process of construction of buildings. The influence of the specifics of the construction of buildings is taken into account. It is established that it is necessary and sufficient to assess the specifics of the construction of buildings is to take into account the factors that have the most significant impact, namely: the influence of the tightness of the construction site; factors that complicate the transport of structures; factors that complicate the integration Assembly of structures; factors that complicate the installation of structures; factors of production technology; factors that describe the design and planning solution of buildings.

    Keywords: organizational and technological scheme, parameters of the construction of the building, tightness of the construction site, factors of influence, design and planning solution of buildings

  • Methodological foundations of organizational and technological preparation for construction of construction facilities

    This article is focused on improving the principles and methods of assessing and planning the costs of construction projects as an integral part of organizational and technological preparation of construction. Organizational and technological preparation of construction, consists of interconnected solutions to the problems presented in the blocks and subsystems in the diagrams in the drawings. The objectives of solving such problems are described. The schemes from which we can draw a conclusion about the basic functionality and means of organizational and technological preparation of construction are presented, the most important of them are listed

    Keywords: organizational and technological preparation, building parameters, duration of construction, construction factors, management scheme

  • Methods and models of estimation of variants of design decisions of installation of special constructions used at the decision of expert tasks

    The article deals with methods and models for solving expert problems that allow to avoid the possibility of negative consequences arising as a result of non-compliance with the performance indicators of the project initially set. The current state of the issue of variant study of expert situations is described. The existing mathematical models allowing to solve the majority of expert problems, irrespective of a type and level of initial information are resulted, and also the argument that the choice of a method is caused by presence and level of initial information is resulted. The algorithm of actions of the expert-Builder at the decision of a problem of an estimation of variants of design decisions of installation of special constructions is presented.

    Keywords: evaluation of design solutions, installation of special equipment, expert Builder, design solutions, multi-criteria assessment, organizational and technological solutions

  • The use of non-destructive testing devices in the judicial construction and technical expert examination

    The article considers the issue of relevance of non-destructive testing, as well as some features of the use of non-destructive testing devices in the judicial construction and technical expert examination. Conducting construction and technical expert examination is impossible without accurate measurements, which attaches conditions for the use of various methods, technologies, devices and tools. Among them, one should separately distinguish a group of non-destructive testing devices that allow measuring facilities of research without damage and simultaneous obtaining of reliable features of parameters determining the technical condition of the facilities being examined.

    Keywords: judicial construction and technical expert examination, expert, non-destructive testing, non-destructive testing methods, non-destructive testing devices