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  • Comparative analysis of experimental and calculated data on the stress-strain state of the test pit

    he article provides a comparative analysis of the experimental data obtained as a result of field tests (excavation), with the data of numerical calculations. Mathematical modeling of the experiment was carried out using the Plaxis software package, according to the model of plastically hardening soil. The main task was to compare the obtained data on the decompaction of the soils of the foundation pit with the calculated deformations and analyze the results. The problem was solved in accordance with the experimental data in two settings: in the first case, the variant with inclined slopes of the pit sides was considered; in the second, the problem with vertical slopes was solved. As a result of the calculation, data on the deformations of the soil massif were obtained and analyzed according to the two selected schemes. The best possible convergence of the calculation results with the experimental data was obtained for a pit with inclined slopes, which corresponded to the experimental formulation of the problem. For the case with vertical slopes, the results of deformations of the decompaction of the bottom of the pit turned out to be two times less, which corresponds to the conclusion that the quantitative results of deformation of both the foundation of the pit and its upper side part directly depend on the angle of the slope.

    Keywords: experimental pit, experimental data, numerical calculation, deformations of decompression, pit slopes, calculation results

  • Theoretical study of decay in binary systems. Part of the Equation of the spinodal and binary decay of the binary system in the isotropic phase

    The paper presents a theoretical study of spinodal and binodal decomposition of binary solutions. Since there is no thermodynamic barrier in spinodal decomposition, phase decomposition is determined only by diffusion. Thus, at decay many features of phase decomposition can be described by the analytical solution. The equations of spinodal and binodal decomposition in solutions without structural phase transitions are obtained.

    Keywords: binary solutions, the spinodal decomposition, a bimodal decay

  • Process perfection for searching inefficient SQL-requests in the Oracle

    Introduction: The paper discusses methods to solve the problem of searching inactive queries for Oracle Databases in example . If there are no clear reasons for Deterioration of performance, database managers need to analyze very large amounts of statistical information provided by database management. The aim of study: to visualize the information, it is proposed to perform initial intellectual analysis the formation of a parameters model for the query to classify and Separate set of requests. Scope of work . Each query is described by three sets of parameters: specified query execution plan parameters, real implementation plan parameters, and the characteristics of the implementation environment. its consider according to the characteristics, purpose and importance of each set of parameters and the methods to get them .its depends of selection the parameters to use in SQL query model ,query execution conditions and data base settings (DBS). Moreover, its depends on fails in the nature of the system for client programs. Problem statements. The problem is formulated by the dynamic formation in the inactive SQL query model from some of sets parameters that already contained identifiers. Conclusion: The proposed of this approach will speed up the search for inactive queries and can be extended to others databases, with consider their characteristics.

    Keywords: SQL, query, DBMS, Oracle, inefficient SQL query, grouping, clustering

  • Research of movement of logging trucks using systems GPS-monitoring

    Presented the results of investigation of the motion of logging trucks using systems GPS-monitoring. Is investigated change of output per shift productivity ​​calculated for considering  trains when moving at a distance of 150 to 500 km in increments of 50 km. Examined the effect of distance of transportation and standard deviation values ​​of speed on change the output per shift productivity. More than that was is studied the influence of transport distance and shift productivity values ​​on the change the cost of removal of 1 cubic meter of timber harvested.

    Keywords: output per shift, logging truck, the systems GPS-monitoring, maintenance cost, removal

  • Simulation of the process of optimal placement of goods in stock self-service by evolutionary search algorithms

    The paper contains a description of a new method for automatic generation of maps of goods placement. Map of goods placement created by the author's search algorithm. The algorithm is based on ideas of evolutionary search. The proposed algorithm works with a population of constant size, allows not use complex search methods and for a reasonable time find a solution close to the optimum.

    Keywords: simulation, evolutionary computation, multicriteria optimization, genetic algorithms

  • To the question of sources and volumes of oil components, input into Black sea

    The paper is devoted with the analysis of sources and volumes of oil components’ input into the Black sea. The topicality of this problem is connected with of transboundary the status of water object that contributes to the complexity of such works. Black Sea has important significance for transport and development in the coastal zone of the oil complex, combined with a great recreational potential. As a result, ecosystems are technogenic impact. The paper describes the main natural and anthropogenic sources of oil components in the Black Sea. On the basis of the results of our expeditionary research and analysis of sources of pollutant concluded chronic character oil pollution of the Black Sea. And the conclusion that the most optimistic estimates, entrance of oil components in the ecosystem in the Black Sea is approximately 270 thousand tons per year, which is higher than the currently accepted values of 2−2.5 times. 

    Keywords: sources, volumes, oil components, the Black Sea, hydrocarbons

  • Information about authors №1, (2014)

    Information about authors of issue (№1 2014)

    Keywords: authors

  • Comparative study of the catalytic activity Pt/C and PtхNi/C materials in the oxygen electroreduction

    The catalytic activity of Pt/C and PtxNi/C electrocatalysts prepared by  borohydride methode was studed. It was established that the specific activity  of fresh prepared Pt3,7Ni/C  catalyst  in oxygen  electroreduction  reaction is higher in compare with Pt/C material. After treatment of Pt3,7Ni/C material in the hot acid  nickel in the surface layers of nanoparticles was dissolved and the composition of nanoparticles was changed to Pt5,6Ni. The electrochemical surface area of the Pt5,6Ni catalyst and specific activity was slightly decreased after corrosion treatment. 

    Keywords: platinum electrocatalysts, corrosion stability of the nanoparticles, fuel cells, X-ray diffraction, borohydride synthesis

  • The development of effective fiber-reinforced concrete structures for underground construction

    The most promising technologies of concrete and reinforced concrete for the underground construction and transport. The studies with the inclusion of concrete and steel and polypropylene fibers. The factors affecting the strength and modulus of deformation materials. The conclusion about the need to study the effectiveness of the concrete with a combined reinforcement.

    Keywords: Concrete and underground construction, fiber, strength, modulus of deformation

  • Comparative analysis of the syntactic parsers organization

    The article describes peculiarities of modern syntax parser systems and problems originating in text analysis. As a result of comparative analysis the authors propose a unified approach to processing of unstructured texts in Russian and English which combines morphology and syntax processing. The developed syntax analysis system, using verbs’ valency dictionary, samples of minimal structural schemes of sentences and samples of conjunctions, allows choosing predicative structures of sentences in the text, realizing initial semantic analysis due to semantic content of predicate’s actants and building trees of syntactical subordination of sentences. The derived trees hold elements of tree of constitutives and tree of dependences. The proposed samples and rules organization allows resolving some of the problems of modern parsers. And the use of verbs’ valency dictionary allows reducing the number of sentences syntax analysis variants.

    Keywords: automatic text processing; syntax parser; morphological analysis; structural text elements

  • The estimated strength and deformability characteristics and strain diagrams of fiber concrete with aggregate distribution of the fibers

    The article considers the regulatory and estimated characteristics, as well as proposals for the estimate of the strength and deformability characteristics for possible practical inculcation of fiber concrete with aggregate distribution of fibers produced by the shuttle and conveyor technology, and reinforced concrete structures of them.

    Keywords: regulatory, estimated characteristics, stress-strain diagram, compression, tension.


    Possibilities of using mathematical programming methods for obtaining optimal solutions of structural units were shown herein. Method of personal optimization based on monotonicity property of the used relations was applied as optimization algorithm. Advisability of using mathematical simulation methods when providing complex safety of construction facilities and reduction of breakdown occurrence is emphasized.

    Keywords: optimal design, mathematical simulation, complex safety, personal optimization, plate structures, risk.

  • Stability of the ordinary chernozem to the combined contamination with lead and the electromagnetic field

    The article discusses the stability of the chernozem biological properties in the combined pollution of lead and an alternating magnetic field. Soil parameters such as the activity of catalase and dehydrogenase, soil biomass, soil phytotoxicity are considered. The main contribution to the change in the biological properties of the soil in the combined pollution by lead and an alternating magnetic field makes lead pollution. The contamination alternating magnetic field with a high level of induction (3000 mkTl) over only reduces the amount of lead pollution of soil biomass, but increases the activity of soil enzymes. At a lower level of induction (300-1500 mkTl) with combined pollution increases the activity of enzymes and biomass is virtually identical to the activity only if contaminated with lead. Phytotoxicity indicators of soil pollution with lead and an alternating magnetic field induction of 300 mkTl did not differ from those of soil contamination only lead, but with an increase in the level of induction to the 1500-3000 mkTl phytotoxicity indicators declined in comparison with the lead pollution at 18-27%.

    Keywords: soil, combined pollution, alternating magnetic field, lead, biological properties of soils

  • Composite developments in production technology

    We consider the relevance, peculiarities and the main stages of composite developments in the technology of production of finishing materials based on glass and ceramics. The description of technology of production of universal fragments, making the block-transformer. As basic materials for the development of applied chamotte ceramics and glass sheet.

    Keywords: composite development, design, manufacturing technology, unit transformer, fireclay, glass

  • Study the effect of different gases and volatile liquids on the mechanical properties of the films mycelium

      The algorithm of the research, including the technology of making the mycelium film on the resonator of bulk acoustic wave and gas medium with the given concentration was developed. As a result of the investigations the sorption sensitivity of extracts of the higher shiitake mushroom mycelium to the fume of volatile liquids and gases (acetone, ethyl acetate, formaldehyde, chloroform, acetic acid and hydrochloric acid, hexane, 10% aqueous ammonia) was studied. The study has shown that there are the processes of making the mycelium films, which keep the initial values of the resonant frequency and the quality factor of the resonator after moving off the fumes or gases. This work has shown that the mycelia films are very promising as a new material for gas selective coatings of electro acoustic sensors.

    Keywords: mycelia films, flying liquids, gases, gas electro-acoustic sensors