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Neurobiology and rehabilitation
From September, 5 till September, 8th, 2011 in Institute of technology JUFU in Taganrog have passed two scientific actions – the Second All-Russia school of thought the BRAIN 2011 (the Neurobiology and new approaches to artificial intelligence and to a science about a brain) and the All-Russia school of thought for youth СТРЕСС-2011 (Fundamental, clinical both hygienic bases and hardware-methodical maintenance of system of medico-psychological rehabilitation of the patients subject to high level of intensity of work and professional stress). Works of participants of these actions are published more low.

Keywords: a neurobiology, neurocybernetic, a brain, artificial intelligence, genetics, stress, the person-operator, diagnostics, therapy, hardware-software means.

Akzhigitov R.F.  «Methods of increasing stress on the basis of the stabilometric’s  approach»

Sport activity is achieving human potential, which is characterized by high demands to the psyche and the physiology of athletes. In order to achieve sporting activities, the decision of tasks athletes often face stressful workload and deal with a wide range of influence on it of stress factors, both internal and external nature.

Keywords: Sport, stress, stabilometriya, tilt test.

Afanasjeva M.S. «Calculation of electromagnetic situation for communications systems in hospitals»

The problems of organization of wireless systems in hospitals. We describe the advantages and disadvantages. Completed design layouts. The calculation of the total intensity of electromagnetic radiation from multiple sources was done. The data were analyzed according to the instructions of State sanitary-epidemiological standardization system of the Russian Federation.

Keywords: communication system, hospital facility, radiation level.

Boev O.I., Bakumenko K.I., Utkin V.A., Yagoda S.A., Ivanchenko V.V., Kukharova T.V.  «Diagnostics of psychiatric disorders on the results of electrophysiological measurement»
The investigation of electroconductance characteristics in psychiatric patients with various mental disorders have been made. Groups of exogenous, endogenous and psychogenic disorders was separated. Results of electrophysiological examinations subjected to psychophysiologo-mathematical analysis, which gave a differential model for diagnosing mental disorders.

Keywords: psychophysiology, electrophysiology, diagnostics of mental disorders.

Vishnevecky V.U., Juplina G.U., Starchenko I.B., Shashkin M.S. «Theoretical model optoacoustic dispersion on nanoscale objects for the account of distribution of polluting substances in the water environment»
The problems of the emergence of a new research direction – nano-ecotoxicology. Constructed and examined a theoretical model of scattering on the opt acoustic nanoscale objects to account for the distribution of contaminants in the aquatic environment. We construct the pressure field and the scattering on a system of "bacteria-nanoobject." We obtain the scattering fields of pressure and the scattering at frequencies of 1 and 10 MHz.

Keywords: model, opt acoustic dispersion, nano-ecotoxicology, nanopollyutant.

Gorbatova O.V., Grishina G.A., Trembach A.B. «Neurophysiologic mechanism of motor and mental functions increase during training of posture stability in children with ADHD»
Children aged 6-8 with Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) took part in the training posture stability. Test of Variable of Attention, electroencephalogram and postural sway were recorded before and after training. The training reduced the level of inattention and impulsivity, improved posture stability and caused reorganization of electric activity of a brain. The power spectrum EEG in 4-7 Hz increased in the left frontal and occipital areas. In high-frequency EEG power of spectrum with a maximum level of reliability was localized in the central and parietal areas of cortex responsible for the organization of the motor act. Increase of mental and motor functions are caused by activation of brain structures which participate in formation of new impellent skills and selective attention.

Keywords: attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), training of posture stability, biological feedback, electroencephalogram, Test of Variable of Attention (T.O.V.A.).

Dushenin D.Yu." Numerical simulation of the neurons ensemble in the cortex»
The state border of the brain - epilepsy was analyzed. Chosen model of electrical activity of the cerebral cortex, based on mesoscopic representations, is based on the average properties of neighboring neurons. Model state "attack" was defined as the solution of ordinary differential equations for which the main parameter being sustained oscillations of large amplitude. An algorithm for solving the problem was developed in the MathCAD.

Keywords: Attack, cortex, differential equations.

Boev I.V., Zolotarev S.V., Ahverdova O.A. « Groupconversiondisorder in childrenand adolescents:a psychophysiological aspect»
We consider conversion disorder of certain groups of patients (children and adolescents), which include changes or loss of sensory or motor function, indicating that the physical disturbance, which can’t be detected by traditional methods. Revealed that the disturbances are accompanied by abnormal development of the states and non-pathological maladjustment, the first to suffer is central nervous system. Time scale of the phenomenon was defined. As a possible therapy we offer a holistic approach of health and psychological procedures and hardware techniques.

Keywords: conversion disorder, central nervous system, integrated approach.

Istomin V.V. «Predicting behavior of autonomous intelligent agents groups   on the basis of the multi-agent systems theory» 
The work associated with the development of methods of predicting and planning behavior of large groups of autonomous intelligent agents with desired properties based on the modeling of multi-agent systems.

Keywords: Multi-agent systems; intelligent agents; behavior modeling; swarm intelligence; swarm robotics.

Akzhigitov R.F., Istomona T.V., Karamusheva T.V.«Methods of diagnosis and improvement of students stress»

The stress conditions as a threat to professional activities are reviewed. The methods of diagnosis and improvement of students stress with the use of complex "Stabilan" are describes, the results of the research are presents.

Keywords: Resistance to stress; methods of diagnosis; equilibrium; testing.

Malakhov M.V."Dynamic of biompedance spectroscopy parameters during blood storage»
Dynamic of the biompedance spectroscopy (BIS) of blood parameters during storage was studied. The BIS parameters of the blood samples (n=18) were measured on the biompedance analyzer ABC-01 “Medass” on the 0th, 10th and 21st day of blood storage. The hematological indices were estimated by routine methods. The dynamic of extracellular fluid resistance (elevation during first 10 days and then decline) was related to the hematocrit alteration. The intracellular fluid resistance depression was due to decrease of intracellular hemoglobin concentration. The Alpha parameter elevation reflected increase of mean cell volume. The electric capacitance decrease was due to reduction of total cell membranes area because of hemolytic. So the BIS method can be used for quantification of blood alterations during storage.

Keywords: biompedance spectroscopy, blood storage.

Marjev A.A."The method of interpreting the voice signal measurement results in psychoemotional diagnostics applications»
A diagnostics device structural scheme and an interpretation method for speech parameters measurement results based on informational approach are proposed.  A learning algorithm for interpreting device based on maximum information principle was described and learning experiments results were given. Further research perspectives were discussed.

Keywords: diagnostics, speech, informational approach, maximum information principle.

Berezhnoy D. S., Nikolskaya K.A. « A semiotic view of the cognitive process»
In this work, we used the original procedure of learning the animal cyclic food-obtaining behavior in the multialternative maze. Each small area, including operant elements, was marked with a symbol, so, the experimental space was virtually represented with a 25-symbol matrix. Interaction of the animal with the environment could be depicted in semiotic terms as a communicative system where the animal, as a bearer of certain operational rules, should reveal three types of information from the environment: syntactic, semantic and pragmatic. In the evolutionary studies we revealed three universal cognitive rules, instinctive operators: symmetry operator, inversion operator and combinatory operator.

Keywords: animal cognition, behavioral self-organization, food-obtaining problem task, multialternative maze, semiotic analysis.

Ordinartseva N. P. «The design of experiments to measurable tasks of post urology»
On the base of theory of the Design of Experiments to measurements of posturology application is given.

Keywords: Biological subject, medical-biological research, measurement, design of experiments.

Reznichenko A.A. «Index application fractal processings cardiointervalogram for the analysis of a current condition of an organism and monitoring at diagnostics»
At device use hronodiagnostics with biosynchronization will allow to lower the influences rendered on an organism and to raise efficiency of the process. It is not the unimportant moment at a stage of therapeutic influence on a human body as it is possible to receive positive result at as smaller quantity of procedures. It will allow creating more sparing methods of therapy. The method is based on recognition and measurement of time intervals between electrocardiogram R-teeth. The received time number with method fractal parameters is processed, and directly during procedures time of carrying out of procedure will help to pick up processing’s of the received data the best in the image.

Keywords: Time medicine, diagnostics, a RR-interval, an index of the fractal dimensions, a spectrum of a time number.

Seropyan S.A., Trembach A.B."Dynamics of posture stability during physical cyclic work before "refusal" and in a prestarting condition in sportsmen of high qualification»

Parameters of posture stability were recorded during physical cyclic work before "refusal" and the prestarting conditions in sportsmen of high qualification.  Posture stability essentially differed depending on a kind of carried out activity.

Keywords: posture stability, highly skilled sportsmen, physical cyclic work before "refusal", prestarting conditions.

Halo P.V., Galalu V.G., Omelchenko V.P." P-adic models of psycho-physiological states»
A new model of representation of many different psychophysiological states in the p-adic number system. The whole range of psycho-physiological condition of the person represented in the form of two p-adic trees, and lower mental functions are represented as divergent and higher - a convergent tree. This model significantly simplifies the development of diagnostic and corrective medical equipment. This article is intended for a wide range of readers, and may be useful to design engineers of medical devices, doctors, biologists, psychologists, etc.

Keywords: physiological state, the p-adic number system, altered states of consciousness, the signal system of the person, the higher mental functions.


Halo P.V., Galalu V.G. «The use of the radio channel to estimate the level of resources of the body»
It is proposed application specific integrated circuits (multi-channel data acquisition system and a transmitter) for rapid diagnosis of the functional level of human resources and to ensure optimal psycho physiological state of the current activity. Proposed and tested criteria for assessing the optimal conditions, the correlation coefficient calculated the selected criteria.
This article is intended for a wide range of readers, and may be useful to design engineers of medical devices, doctors, biologists, psychologists, etc.

Keywords: physiological state, the resources of the organism, a radio channel measurement system, the theory of optimal states of the system.

Timoshenko K.I., Timoshenko T.V."Conciliation in law as a means of preventing stress»

Coordination of the interests of individuals, social groups, different communities and the state as a whole in their interaction necessary condition of social development that is directly connected with human emotions experienced by the interaction of the parties. In the legal conflict is inevitable appearance of discomfort and emotional stress. This can be a stressor (stressful) and harmful as the result of it. Reconciliation as the achievement of unity of opinion between the parties, eliminating the contradictions that arise in cases of incompatibility of positions, or the satisfaction of interests – one of the oldest methods of conflict resolution. The category of reconciliation is multifaceted and reflected in the culture, religion, philosophy, politics, law and other spheres of society.

Keywords:  The legal conflict, the conciliation, the compromise, the conciliatory procedures, the negotiation, the arbitration court, mediation.


Timoshenko T.V. «Problem Stress (distress) and cognitive theory»

In condition of the modern technological society the phenomenon of stress is an ordinary companion of human. Well-being of human life is in inverse proportion to its capacity for change and adaptation. Stress is the subject of any different sciences, beginning from biology, medicine, physiology and demography to law and political science. But this phenomenon existed in antiquity. Person to restore the harmonious existence was recommended free from the influence of the outside world by changing the way of thinking, continuous improvement. And among the current research as the future of cognitive science, cognitive researches and develops technology and management techniques stress.

Keywords:  The stress, the distress, the stressors, the psychosomatic illness, the cognitive theory, the cognitive stereotypes, the harmony.

Shigaev M.V., Evdokimov S.V., Istomina T.V., Safronov A.I. «Substantiation of pulsed laser welding application at stent delivery systems production»
The article presents the rationale of using the method of pulsed laser exposure during the operation of coronary stent delivery system components welding. The author discussed the parameters of pulsed laser radiation, affecting to the quality of welding joint. In view of these parameters performed modeling of pulsed laser welding.

Keywords: stent delivery system, coronary stent, pulsed laser welding, laser welding of polymers.

Figovsky O.L. «What to wait from nanotechnologies! »
As a rule, when speak about nanotechnologies, the basic attention give to their development in new electronics, medical devices and diagnostics, in new sources of a current. But nanotechnologies the agriculture, bioengineering directions, sewage treatment etc. introduce progress and in such "conservative" areas as, for example,agriculture, bioengineering directions, sewage treatment etc.

Keywords: agrobionanotechnology, presiding preparation, physiologically active (nano) chips, an electronic paper, an electro pacemaker, biofuel.

Klyuchnikov S.N. «Method definition q-factor of resonant systems by amplitude measurement and hardware realization on the basis of lab view»
Methods definition Q-factor of resonant systems is considered. Disadvantages of known methods are specified and the new method of definition of good quality on peak measurements is offered. Realization of the considered methods by means of NI Lab View is executed. Results of an experimental research are presented.

Keywords: Resonance systems, Q-factor, dynamic measurements,Lab View, synchronous detecting, a derivative.

Lyanguzov N.V., Dryukov A.G., Kaidashev E.M. « Fabrication and morphological investigation of ZnO micro- and nanorods on Si substrates with ZnO films buffer layers»
The arrays of vertically aligned zinc oxide rods were fabricated by means of carbothermal method on the silicon substrate with zinc oxide buffer layers and using cooper as a growth catalyst. The most suitable synthesis temperature for obtaining these structures was determined – 770 oC. It was identified that under increased and decreased temperature (820 oC and 720 oC respectively) the growth of rods is damped. We demonstrate the possibility to change the average length and diameter of rods via variation of buffer layers thicknesses in the range 50 – 100 nm. If the thickness of buffer layer is out of this range, the growth of vertically aligned zinc oxide rods is damped too.

Keywords: zinc oxide, micro- and nanorods, carbothermal synthesis method, buffer layer, growth catalyst.

Lazorenko G.I. «A theoretical study of the effect of nano-additives on the physical properties of montmorillonite clay»
Theoretically studied the interaction of montmorillonite clays with exchangeable cations of Na+, K+, Ca++ and Mg++. It is established that the injection of exchangeable cations into the interlayer space leads to its reduction in relation to a similar calculation for the clay. In this case, clay particles containing on its surface Mg+2 are characterized by a stable structure with increasing humidity. The results of calculations for Mg++ are in good agreement with experiment performed.

Keywords: Montmorillonit clay, Exchangeable cations, Nano-additives, Clusters, The total energy.

Inyushkin N.V., Ermakov S.A., Titov A.G., Gilvanova Z.R., Novikov K.L., Paramonov D.A.
«Fly Ash Collection Process investigation in experimental model of electro cyclone»
There is the problem of the industrial gas purification from ash. An electrical centrifugal method is one of the most perspective ones. The purpose of the present paper is an investigation of ash sedimentation in the electro cyclone active zone. The paper presents the function of ash collection efficiency to anactive zone length, electrode constructions and aerosol inlet speed. High efficiency of method is shown using semi-industrial unit with inlet speed 16-19 m/s and the active zone length 1 m. 

 Keywords: Gas purification, TPS ash, electro cyclone.


Belevtsov S.P. «Managing sustainable development of the logistics of building an organization. »
In a market economy for the further successful development of the construction sector, construction companies need to create a competitive advantage. The importance of the benefits arising in the environment of logistics.

Keywords: The market economy, the construction sector, the supply system, the stability of the logistics system.

Nikitina E.V. «Ecologically directed public reproduction as object of the economic analysis»

The article considers the ecological public reproduction as the object of economic analysis. Here is specified the category maintenance « the ecological public reproduction» on the basis of methodology it is system- reproduction approach.  Research of public reproduction in frameworks social -ecological-economic object is proved.

Keywords: social -ecological-economic object, determinism, the ecological public reproduction.

 Skorobogatchrenko D.A. «System of support of decision-making at management operational condition of highways»
The system of support of decision-making is offered at management of processes of operation of highways. At the heart of system the technique of forecasting of change of an operational condition of highways with use of indistinct neural networks lies. The algorithm of training realized in model, allows to correct results of the forecast for the purpose of increase of accuracy of calculations.

Keywords: system of support of decision-making, an operational condition, forecasting, indistinct neural networks.

Burtseva. O.A, Kosenko E.E., Kosenko V.V., Nefedov V.V., Cherpakov A.V. «Tension modeling of the steel reinforcing bars applied by manufacture of preintense ferro-concrete designs.»
In article results of modeling of a tension steel reinforcing bars from a steel of a class At800 without external concentrators of pressure are presented. Level of admissible hardening by a monoaxial stretching of reinforcing bars, proceeding from a condition of occurrence of limiting pressure in section of samples armature steels is defined.

 Keywords: Armature, tension modeling, armature core, hardening factor.

Bespalov V. I., Kotlyarova E. V. «The basic principles for improving the socio-ecological-economic assessment of the environment of territories of industrial areas of large cities»
Improving the methods of socio-ecological-economic assessment of the environmental areas of industrial areas of large cities based on consideration of a conditional industrial area. There are examples of the diagrams of the integrated environmental assessment in the industrial zone and the recommendations on the implementation of measures that can improve the environmental situation in the researching area in this article.

Keywords: environment, ecology, socio-ecological-economic assessment, industrial zone, environmental economics.

Babenko F.I., Sukhov A.A., Fedorov Yu.Yu., Savvinova M.E. « Influence of cold climate on the strength and fracture toughness of dispersion -reinforced thermoplastics»
Results of investigations of short-term strength and crack resistance of glass-PA6-211-DS with aging in cold climates, and test temperature 293 K and 213K. Selected and justified evaluation parameters of the material fracture toughness: the limit of crack resistance and fracture toughness (critical stress intensity factor) at temperatures of 293 K and 213K tests, respectively. We formulate the mechanism of aging, which consists in the degradation of the adhesive component of the bond strength at the interface between components, the formation of delaminating areas and the appearance of frictional component, whose contribution depends on the temperature of test specimens and explains the relatively low-temperature sensitivity of the strength of the samples exposed in unheated warehouse. The identified characteristics are, in our opinion, shared by the dispersion-reinforced composites based on thermoplastics.

Keywords: strength, fracture toughness, temperature tests, the dispersion-reinforced thermoplastic, fiber, aging.

Minin V. V., Nikonov D. D. « Research of skid-steer loaders mass influence on efficiency of their operation»

The calculation method of skid-steer loaders with a side turn operational parameters with considering their technical level has been offered. The calculation method is based on application of dimensionless criteria of interrelation of structural parameters. Results of the statistical analysis with an estimation of a coordination of quantity of models exhausted by firms-manufacturers with their operational mass for the retrospection period since 1970 on 2010 are presented. The tendency of release of models operational mass up to 3000–3500 kg is defined. On the basis of calculating experiment in MathCAD environment regularities of operational parameters influence on an index of estimation efficiency are revealed.

Keywords: skid-steer loader, operational mass, dimensionless criterion, efficiency, technical level.

 Kirichenko I.A., Starchenko I.B. « Principles of adaptive management approach of acoustic systems»
The questions of design of universal methodology of adaptive acoustical system with parametric arrays construction were considered. The task consists of two main steps: optimization of hydro acoustical apparatus parameters on the design step and adaptation of acoustical system in natural conditions. The division of adaptive acoustical system on basic and optional units was suggested.

Keywords: parametric array, adapting, control.

Veselov S.L. «Competitiveness of a building production in capital construction project»
This article describes a modern interpretation of the competition in the Russian legislation and the main approaches to its definition in economics. The characteristic of the housing market from the perspective of competition is given here. The concept of product competitiveness is widely considered and the need to clarify its relation to the objects in the process of creation is identified. The interpretation of the term "capital construction objects" and its particularities is stated. A definition of competitiveness of construction products in capital construction object is offered in the article.

Keywords: Competition, competitiveness of building production, housing, incomplete construction, cooperative building project.

 Serba P.V., Avdeev S.P., Petrov S.N., Garanga S.N., Lugovoj E.V.«Electron beam processing of optical components on a basis boro-lantant the glasses applied in the device of orientation across North Star»
In article it is informed on results of electron beam processing (ЭЛО) surfaces of the optical components made from boro-lantant glass of mark СТК119, applied in optic-electronic devices of system of orientation of space vehicles.
Authors of article specify in high requirements to characteristics of optical details of the given class of devices, and also on available objective difficulties of achievement of these characteristics traditional technological methods. As one of alternative methods for the specified purposes, in addition to usual methods of processing, it is offered to use also electron beam processing of surfaces of optical details. 
In article the short description of the basic physical and chemical processes occurring in a layer of an optical detail from boro-lantant of glass СТК119 is given, to expose electron beam processing.

Keywords: electron-beam processing, optical glass, surface layer.

Makarov E.I., Yaroslavceva Y.I. «Social and Economic Effectiveness of the Formation of Voronezh RegionalTransportation and Logistics Network»

The article looks at the main directions of the effect caused by implementation of the project of transportation and logistics network formation in the Voronezh Region. An algorithm to measure the efficiency has been developed. Apart from that, the article provides a mathematical economic model of estimation of effectiveness of the project of transportation and logistics network formation.

Keywords: regional transportation and logistics network, effectiveness, algorithm, mathematical economic model.


Cousinа E.L. «Providing ecological-economic security under the influence of railway transport»

Established the importance of the impact of railway transport on the sustainable economic development of society. Peculiarities of functioning of the enterprises of railway transport in urban areas. Defined approaches to the adoption of managerial decisions on ensuring ecological and economic security of the country.

Keywords: ecological-economic security, transport, sustainable development, environment.

Cousinа E.L. «Ecology-economical evaluation of the influence of railway transport on the state of the environment»
The article is devoted to the substantiation of approaches to development of methods of ecological-economic assessment the state of the environment in the conditions of functioning of the enterprises of railway transportation. Determined using econometric modeling to prevent damage to the environment from the impact of anthropogenic factors of the functioning enterprises.

Keywords: ecology-economical assessment, environment, ecological indicators, the methodology.

Shapovalov V.L., Morozov A.V., Zarifyan A.A., Khakiev Z.B., Yavna V.A. «Radar-tracking methods of definition of kinematic characteristics of a railway rolling stock»
The work is dedicated to developing of methods of positioning the rolling stock by GPR data processing received from the upper structure of railway. GPR data (radiogram) contains the information on periodic structure of the track panel, which allows determining the number of sleepers passed during the movement. The techniques based on direct calculation of the number of extreme in radiogram or on the specifics of the spectrum of the Fourier transform of radiograms.

Keywords: the Radar-location, radarograme, the top structure of a way, fure-transformation, positioning.

Dolmatova J.A., Shishkin G.I. «Research of process of drying of conversion lime carbonate in a tube-dryer by means of a mathematical model»

In article results of researches of process of drying of conversion lime carbonate in a tube-dryer by means of a mathematical model are resulted.

Keywords: Conversion lime carbonate, drying, tube-dryer, mathematical model.

Kuzminov A.S. «Energy Efficiency Standards and Labels as a Tool for a Normative Regulation of Energy Efficiency Improvement of Household Appliance»
The Article contains justification of elaborating energy efficiency national standards and implementing labels for special groups of household equipment with high energy consumption in Russian households. Topical data of household equipment market are analyzed are contained. Main selling trends in this section are pointed out. Foreign experience in the frameworks of energy consuming equipment and corresponding regulatory enactments are analyzed. Conclusions on opportunity to implement national standards (integrated into advanced world practices) for large household appliance quickly and at a low cost are made. Necessity for elaborating special information tools for consumers, which will give information about energy efficiency classes in accordance to the existing legislation, is pointed out.

Keywords: energy efficiency, label, standard, energy consumption, household appliance.

Popova N.V. «Potential of Human Capital Use for Innovative Process Making in Economics»
Knowledge classification on long half-life of knowledge and short half-life of knowledge is based on hypothesis of the half-life of knowledge by A. Shapiro. We came to the conclusion that costs for fundamental general education were of great economic effect for all the society. The peculiarity of knowledge, demand on knowledge of different economic players, objects of knowledge market was described in this article. Moreover, it is proved that development of intellectual, scientific and innovative parts of human capital is the foundation of innovative processes in economics. There is the suggestion of the development of human capital per innovative function of enterprise – knowledge-based enterprise.

Keywords: Intelligence, science, education, human capital, knowledge, knowledge market, Innovative processes, enterprise, knowledge-based enterprise, development of economics.

Starikov A.G., Nikolaeva O.G., Tsukanov A.V., Dubonosov A.D., Bren V.A., Galiy I.V. « Coumarin-containing spiropyrans and their complexes with zinc cations: quantum chemical investigation»

Quantum chemical investigation of relative stability of closed and merocyanine forms of coumarin-containing spiropyrans and their complexes with zinc cation was accomplished using DFT B3LYP (6-31G(d,p)) method. Formyl spiropyrans and their imines can exist in solutions as two tautomeric forms, though the varying of their structure makes it possible to obtain only one stable closed form.

  Keywords: Quantum chemical, spiropyrans, merocyanine form, coumarin.

Tolpygin I.E., Tsukanov A.V., Dubonosov A.D., Bren V.A., Galiy I.V. « Physical chemical investigation of imines based on anthracene-9-ylmethylanthracene»
Series of imines was synthesized by condensation of substituted benzo[b,d]furan-1-carbaldehydes and acetyl acetone with anthracene-9-ylmethylanthracene. Investigation of their luminescent and complexing properties in solution shows that obtained systems represent sensor ability for H+ and Zn2+ cat ions.

Keywords: chemo sensors, fluorescence, cat ions, imines.

Usatov A.V., Markin N.V., Ustenko A.A., Lotnik V.S., Panich A.E. «Synthesis of novel DNA-biosensors to identify loci linked to genes of sunflower pollen sterility»
Designed and synthesized highly specific oligonucleotides (primers) and fluorescent probe marker mitochondrial gene orf522 CMS sunflower RET1. Conducted testing protocol enzymatic amplification mode Real Time PCR.

Keywords: biosensor, genes, DNA-markers.

Zelentsov L. B., RylkovV.I.  «Organizational aspects of the creation - the economic mechanism of management of apartment buildings in the housing»
The paper analyzes the performance of the managing organization in Rostov-on - Don, Russian Federation Government Resolution dated September 23, 2010 № 731 «On approval of the standard disclosures organizations involved in the management of multifamily housing» This resolution should be one of the regulators of the managing organization in order to provide citizens with at least the minimum mandatory set of services for management and maintenance of common property in the MCD on adequate price.

Keywords: housing and communal services, the management organization, disclosure, aspects of the mechanism of control

Konstantinov R. V. «Designing the optimal warehouse network»

This article discusses a simulation model constructed on the basis on the method of the «center of gravity» for designing the optimal warehouse network: to determine the optimal number of warehouses and their locations.

Keywords: simulation model, the method of the «center of gravity», optimization, distribution center.

Bayramukov S.H., Ebzeev M.B.  «Methodological approach to forming a system of energy surveys in apartment buildings»

The article considered a system of energy surveys aimed at identifying potential energy savings and working out the optimal mix of energy saving measures.  The analysis of the energy and technical surveys in apartment buildings performed. The expedience of combining these types of surveys during the exploitation of residential real estate showed. The methods for optimization of technical exploitation proposed by means of the creation and introduction of a system of regular energy surveys.

Keywords: energy saving, еenergy survey, technical survey, exploitation, apartment building, method.


Zhukovskaya N.K. «The coordination of interests in hierarchical systems»

Features of the coordinated interaction of elements of organizational system (OS) in the presence of hierarchy of the purposes and uncertainty of the initial information are considered. The two-level model of OS explaining principles of the coordination of strategy of behavior of elements on the basis of the game approach and the fuzzy logic is offered. The first level is based on concept of the fuzzy compromise game allowing Executors to build the general strategy of distribution of resources among themselves on the basis of negotiations. At the second level a task in view of the coordination of interests of the Center and Executors on the basis of equilibrium situations on Nash.

Keywords: distribution of resources, the coordination of interests, hierarchical game, equilibrium strategy, the compromise.

Koshkarov A.V. «The model of socio-economic dynamics of Astrakhan region and its approbation on a limited array of statistical data»
The effectiveness of management and planning in the regions depends on the application of models of socio-economic dynamics as a tool for management decision-making. This article describes in brief the main levels in the model of socio-economic dynamics of the Astrakhan region and its testing on limited array of statistical data.

Keywords: economic dynamics, socio-economic dynamics, modeling of socio-economic dynamics, forecasting of the socio-economic development.

 Poletaev U.V. «Temperature and frequency influence low-cycle stressing on propensity to local destruction of welded connections of a steel 12Х18Н12Т»
The mechanism of influence of the temperature-time factor stimulating propensity to local destruction (ЛР) metal ЗТВ of welded connections steel 12Х18Н12Т, in the conditions of low-frequency low-cycle stressing is opened. It is experimentally proved that rise in temperature and frequencies low-cycle stressing promotes an embitterment and propensity increase to ЛР metal ЗТВ at the expense of the accelerated development of process dispersive maturing carbides TiC austenitic matrices. It is established that welded connections of a steel 12Х18Н12Т possess satisfactory firmness against ЛР at working temperature to 823К. Ways of increase of operational reliability of welded connections austenitic 12Х18Н12Т became offered.

Keywords: Welded connections, zone of thermal influence, low-frequency low-cycle stressing, the temperature-time factor, destruction diagrams, dispersive maturing, metallographic researches, local destruction, recommendations.

Tishenko V.A., Mondzhievskyi D. R., Muhin А. V., Babenko V.V. «Quartering of the troops in a federal district as a special type of population settling»

We explend the terms “quartering” and “stationing” as the elements of town – planning science and technology. The article also dwells upon the problems and reasons of modern state of things in the army (the example of North-West Federal District in the structure of the Western Military District). Ways of the modernization and optimization of architectural and planning environment of the military are given as well.

Keywords: quartering, stationing, settling, prognostication, methodology of stationing, demographic method, standardized conditions, layout features.

Tishenko V.A., Muhin А. V., Garifulov N.R., Babenko V.V. «Town-planning science and the organization of the centers of military districts»
Formation if bodies of military management by town-planning methods, attacks interaction between military men and civil territorial bodies by means of creation of Operative Strategic Command is shown, problems of a military infrastructure and a problem for preparation of the state for defense are formulated.

Keywords: bodies of military management, operative strategic command, town-planning, architectural-planning organization, territorial development, objects of a military infrastructure, a town-planning complex.

Guseva A.N. «Efficiency of use of market tools of management of the organizations of sphere of services»

Object of research of article is consideration of market tools of management in sphere of the services used by the enterprises and the organizations in modern conditions. The author has defined and has characterized the basic stages of managerial process, has expanded area and the methods of their application consisting in a concrete definition of their functional purpose. The author comes to opinion that market tools: perfection of regulations of a legal field of officials, creation of service of internal control, working out of specifications provide stability, competitiveness and flexibility of the service organizations, both on internal, and in foreign markets.

Keywords: planning, motivation, control system, market tools, efficiency, instructions, competitiveness.

Panasyuk L.N., Tarzhimanov E.A., Chantha H. «Modeling of work of constructions taking into account display of non-uniform deformations in the basis»
In this article considered the problem of mathematical modeling of structures taking into account the manifestations of non-uniform deformations in the ground. The urgency of the issue and its level of study in the Russian Federation. On the example of a 16-storey monolithic reinforced concrete apartment building shows the possibility of being developed at the Department of IGOF RSSU techniques.

Keywords: Monitoring of building structures, the technical condition of structures, elevated levels of responsibility, geodetic observations, deviation from the design position, operational safety.


Morozova O.A. «Methodological bases of increasing quality and competitiveness of the management personnel to building organization»
The currency of such problem as quality management of the intellectual  potential  of managerial personnel is based in the article.  And quality management of the intellectual potential of managerial personnel considered as the foundation of construction output improving. The integrated methodology of personnel intellectual potential increasing, worked out and tested by the author, is given in this article.

Keywords: personnel; quality; intellectual potential of managerial personnel; construction output quality; personnel quality; methodology.

Sirotkin A. V. «Management of information streams formation in the computing system»
In article are considered questions of priority management by information service and of information streams formation in computing systems. This question is staticized by necessity of optimum control of information processes in the automated control systems. Management is made with use of priorities of problems in operational systems. On the basis of an experimental material the analytical dependences establishing the relations of parameters and criteria of management are received.

Keywords: the automated system, a delay of information service, an information stream.

Kapralova O. А. «Effect of heavy metal contamination on biological properties of soils in Rostov-on-Don»
The level of heavy metal contamination of soils of different zones of functional Rostov-on-Don increases in the series: parklands > crossroads > industrial zone. The level of soil biological activity is inversely related to the content of the soil heavy metals.

Keywords: soil contamination, heavy metals, biological properties of soils, urban soils, Rostov-on-Don.

Alireza L. « General provisions of the concept of organizational-technological management of building on the basis of ИАС»
In this article the author considers general provisions of own concept of management of a building complex. The given concept reflects features of the Near East and specificity of corresponding corporate administrative systems.

Keywords: the organizational-technological management, the integrated automated system, system of the integrated management of building.

Maremukov A. A. «Perfection of the organizational mechanism of management in gardening»
In given article recommendations about perfection of the organizational mechanism of management in gardening on a basis knowledge of laws of the market and their use, on development of the correct decisions which are based on the scientific analysis of quantitative and qualitative changes in process of formation and uses of industrial potential are developed.

Keywords: the organizational mechanism of management, gardening, a technological management, an operational administration.

Snagovskaya F.N.  «Use of innovations, as making components of the infrastructure of the market of educational services»
In modern conditions the sustainable development of any economic system is impossible without an adequate condition and evolution of innovative sphere. In turn, achievement of high level of functioning by last is impossible without corresponding development of an educational complex.

Keywords: the market of educational services, the educational policy, innovations, institutional tools, an infrastructure.

Khristoforova А.А., Philippov S.E., Gogolev I.N. « Development of hard coatings open-cast mine road with the use of activated crump rubber»
The transition of some deposits in the category of ultra-deep mining causes necessity of conduct the project below bottom of the open-cast mine with steeply inclined roads. One major problem with this is to create strong and durable foundation road surface and making it a firm grip with tires of dump trucks.
The paper presents the results of the development of career apparel roads with a coating crumb rubber from waste tires. The prospects of crumb rubber from waste tires for a road surface with improved performance characteristics that allow them to recommend formulations for the construction of the most critical technological roads, including steeply inclined, to mining.

Keywords: career road, steeply inclined roads, asphalt concrete, rubber crumb, mechanical activation, modification.

Mokhov V.A., Silnyagin N.N. «Integrated algorithm of cognitive evaluation and optimum alternative choice of ontological model»
The article describes an algorithm, used for cognitive evaluation of ontological models and subsequent choice of optimum model from several available alternatives. Authors offer the demonstrational software implementation of the algorithm, developed in Java programming language.

Keywords: algorithm, evaluation, ontological modeling, multicriterial choice, programming.

Razvadovskaya Yu.V. «Analysis of home and foreign experience of management by structural transformations of economy of industrial sector»
Priority direction of strategic development of the Russian economy is forming of the balanced structure of industrial sector economy, with the prevailing stake of the hi-tech industries based on innovative technologies. Application of foreign experience of forming of hi-tech industrial sector in the Russian terms allows substantially shortening technological lag and providing the competitiveness of home products of processing industries of to industry on world markets.

Keywords: structure, innovative development, methods of industrial policy, foreign experience, strategy of technological development.


Maksimenko A.V. «Development of a regional cluster in the system of measures to diversify the economy of the region (an example Industries Mass Media of Krasnodar Region). »
The article discusses the development of a cluster of mass communication of Krasnodar region, the complex management of regional mass communications; enhance its development as the most promising in the current economic conditions.

Keywords: Industry, Mass Media Complex, method, strategy, clusters efficiency.

Suczenko D. «Tendencies of formation and development of sphere of services in regional economy»

The paper considers the characteristics and trends of formation and development of services in the regional economy.

Keywords:  services, сcompetitive, service economy.

Lemeshko M.A., Laletin V.I., Mitsik M.F. «Definition of speeds of movement of cooled air at opening of doors of a case of the household refrigerating device» 

Work is devoted a problem of the mathematical description of the free expiration of a stream of cooled air from the chamber of the refrigerator at opening of its doors. Such data are necessary for an estimation of volume of replacement of cold air warm, under operating conditions deep-freezers and refrigerators. The problem concerns section газодинамики and is concerning difficult, in a kind of presence of set of the physical factors influencing process of the expiration of cold air. Resorting to assumptions and touching various approaches in the mathematical description of physical processes, it was possible to make the closed system of the equations describing process of movement of the cooled stream of air. The base system for a finding of speeds of a stream under condition of it laminarity is received that is confirmed by experimental researches.

Keywords: the household refrigerator, movement of cold air, power savings, parameters of a stream.

Poletaev U.V. «The mechanism of local destruction of a zone of thermal influence of welded connections at low-cycle stressing»
The mechanism of local destruction of welded connections austenitic the steels, connected with development of process of decrease in durability of borders of grains of metal of a zone of thermal influence at arc welding and high-temperature low-frequency low-cycle stressing is opened. Dispersive maturing bodies of grains and the decrease connected with it relaxation abilities of metal of a zone of thermal influence are a principal cause of high propensity to local destruction of welded connections of a steel 12Х18Н12Т.Experimentally  is proved that austenitization is effective technological way of increase of firmness against local destruction of welded connections of a steel 12Х18Н12Т.

Keywords: arc welding, welded connection, a zone of thermal influence, the mechanism of local destruction, dispersive maturing , a relaxation of pressure, low-frequency low-cycle stressing, kinetics  local destruction, metallographic  research, thermal processing – austenitization.

Laletin V.I. «The mathematical description of laws of movement of a stream of air, household refrigerating device freely expiring from the chamber»
Work is devoted a problem of the mathematical description of the free expiration of a stream of cooled air from the chamber of the refrigerator at opening of its doors. Such data are necessary for an estimation of volume of replacement of cold air warm, under operating conditions deep-freezers and refrigerators. The problem concerns section газодинамики and is concerning difficult, in a kind of presence of set of the physical factors influencing process of the expiration of cold air.
Resorting to assumptions and touching various approaches in the mathematical description of physical processes, it was possible to make the closed system of the equations describing process of movement of the cooled stream of air. The base system for a finding of speeds of a stream under condition of it laminarity is received that is confirmed by experimental researches.

Keywords: the household refrigerator, movement of cold air, power savings, parameters of a stream.

Valujskov N.V., Bondarenko L.V., Rokotyanskaya V.V. «Current state and problems of legal regulation of preventive maintenance of deviations in the youth environment»
In article questions of the concept of perfection of standard legal maintenance of preventive maintenance асоциального behavior of teenagers and youth in modern Russian conditions are considered.

Keywords: a social deviation, the youth environment, preventive maintenance of crimes of minors, systems of preventive maintenance of crimes.

Akhmadov M.-E.I. «Study of factors reproductive development of regions and their economies»
The paper investigated the factors of development of regional economy from the perspective of the reproduction process. It is established that a system of different types of funds available and used in a particular subject of the Federation, formed in part, on the one hand, the functioning of the public sector, on the other hand, the business enterprise sector of the economy, defining the dialectic development of the financial support of the regions in relationship to the gross regional product.

Keywords: Region, the regional economy, sustainable development, finance, investment system, the quality of life.

Maremukov T.A. «Development of integration and сcooperation processes in fruit and berry sub complex»

The article discusses various aspects of the formation models of cooperative and integrated production of fruit and berry subdivision. We formulate a conclusion that the most promising should be considered: production and consumer cooperatives, joint stock companies, agricultural holdings, corporations, and other units with low-and zero waste closed-cycle technology.

Keywords: sub complex of fruits, cooperation, integration, sustainable development.


Tsvetkova S. N. «Problems and Prospects of Realization of the Concession in the Housing and Utilities Sector of the Region»
The article shows the peculiarities of the housing and utilities sector concession. The problems and prospects utilizing of this form of public and private partnership in the conditions of the public utilities sector reform in the region are determined.

Keywords: concession, housing and utilities sector, tariff, rate of return, region.

Novosyolov S.N «Actualization of methodological aspects of studying of the formed agricultural and food markets»
In article by the example of the maize market and products from it the common features of methodology of studying of the formed agricultural and food markets are considered. Blocks of existing problems are allocated, and ways of their overcoming are determined. For studying the researched markets the expediency of use cluster the approach is proved. Classification of segments cluster is determined, also classification on sub-, mezo--and megacluster is offered. In view of cluster’s strategy specificity of interaction of authorities of a various level with manufacturers and processors of agricultural raw material is outlined.

Кeywords: agricultural and food markets, maize market and products from it, cluster.

Litvinov S.V., Nosko V.I., Kontorovich S.D. «Technique of monitoring and modeling of structure of politically active segment of social networks»
Nowadays, a dramatic increase in the influence of events of the blogosphere onto the world's political and social processes is observed. We in Northern - Caucasian Scientific Center of High School have developed techniques of social media monitoring and modeling of the structure of the thematic blogosphere segment.
During monitoring process the following attributes are under analysis: sense of text, types, complexity and set of features of objects, types of relations between the objects themselves, etc. - to obtain complete range of blogosphere users’ opinions on a particular theme. The structure of the politically active segment of the social network is modeled with the help of graph, using appropriate mathematical methods of analysis.
With the help of the technique been developed research of the social media communications was carried out in the context of the State Duma elections.

Keywords: blogosphere, modeling, monitoring, election campaigning, social media, social networks.

Serga S.V.  «On the formation of the Southern Federal District "zones (areas) advanced development»
In this paper the author investigates the questions of formation of the Southern Federal District zones (areas) advanced development based on the accepted concept of long-term socio-economic development of the Russian Federation until 2020 and the Strategy of socio-economic development of the South Federal District in 2020. In terms of methodology, the author, based on an analysis of recent publications on the problem, as well as changes in the population of major metropolitan areas of the south, makes the assumption of the need to integrate population processes occurring in the county to justify plans for the formation of territories of priority development.

Keywords: zone of priority development, the region, the strategy, the federal District.

Savelyeva N.A. «Technique of an estimation of competitiveness of the enterprises building design’s sphere»
In article is presented the technique of an estimation of the competitiveness, reflecting specificity of activity of the enterprises of building design’s sphere. The technique is constructed with use of an integrated method of an estimation of competitiveness. Estimation indicators are united in three groups: production efficiency and realizations of design projects, indicators of a financial condition and marketing activity of the enterprise. Individual indicators are aggregated on each group in the complex. On the basis of complex indicators is calculate the integrated indicator of competitiveness of the enterprise.

Keywords: building design’s sphere, technique of an estimation of competitiveness, base of comparison, rationing of indicators.

Savelyeva N.A. «Perfection of sect oral management in building design’s sphere»
In this article are presented recommendations about improvement of sect oral management of building design’s sphere. The key role in sect oral management system is removing to professional associations of the enterprises in this sphere. At the first stage is offered perfection of activity of the Union of Designers of Russia in the management’s field of building design’s sphere from updating of target reference points before revision of functions of association and principles of its work. At the second stage is offered creation of the self-adjustable organizations in design sphere by analogy to the project and building self-adjustable organizations.

Keywords: building design’s sphere, sect oral management, the Self-adjustable organizations, the Purposes and functions of the Union of Designers of Russia.

Ripoll-Zaragoza F. B., Zolotukhina N. P. « Formation of the motivational basis of business management analysis business»

Motivational mechanism encourages business enterprise, an organization to determine the comparative results of its activities, creates the desire to reduce their business risk, is the desire to identify the causes of the weakening of production, reduction of income, etc.
These facts should encourage managers and owners of profitable Affairs to closely monitor the accumulation of business information, the correctness of matched household and financial reports after the interests of economy, which in general generates the need for collection and processing of current information and receiving data for management analysis and decision sound, profitable management decisions.

Keywords: motivation, driving force, management analysis, economic analysis, integrated test, systematic, integrated, management strategy.


Ripoll-Zaragoza F. B., Ternikova E.V. « Economic relations with trust»

 Economic relations in the trust are closely related to modern Russian civil law. During the formation of a market economy in Russia, the state sought to find effective ways to manage state property, which led to the emergence of norms of trust and the development of certain forms of economic relations. Presented and described some of the premises of the legal framework in Russia, trust management in the form of mixed agreements. Formed on this basis, the economic relations were discussed by various experts. Were formed by three points of view. Performed a comparative analysis of trust management and asset management property shows the difference of these concepts in legal and economic content.

Keywords: Asset management, economic relations, administrative subordination, manager, owner, state property, trusts, legal regulation, Trust, property element.

Kadomtsev M.I., Lyapin A.A., Timofeev S.I. «Researching of deformation of embedded foundation at harmonic excitation with combined use of a method of boundary elements and method of finite elements»
The algorithm of calculation of embedded foundation with combined use of a method of boundary elements and method of finite elements is considered. The calculation example of embedded foundation lying on a three-layer half-plane is resulted. Distributions of displacements under the base depending on frequency of influence and a combination of physical parameters of elastic strips and elastic half-space are analyzed.

Keywords: dynamic, vibration, frequency, ceiling, half-plane.

Kadomtsev M.I., Lyapin A.A. «Research of speeds distribution of elastic waves in a soil. »
The research problem of distribution of speeds of elastic waves on a thickness of a soil file is considered. Method MASW is described. Results of construction of a cut are resulted.

Keywords: dynamic, vibration, frequency, ceiling, half-plane.

Bescopilny A.N., Kadomtsev M.I., Lyapin A.A. «Methodology of analysis of dynamical effects of concrete ceiling in pedestrian crossing under transport traffic»
The technique of research of influence of dynamic excitation at transport traffic on the is intense-deformed condition of concrete ceiling of pedestrian crossings is considered. Methods of an estimation of influence are offered at traffic of any vehicle by comparison with reference influence. Besides, the method of an estimation of a condition of concrete ceiling by position of own frequencies is described. Results of inspection of the transition, based on the stated technique are resulted.

Keywords: dynamic, vibration, frequency, ceiling, building.

Sheina S. G., Girya L.V. «Improved organizational-technological design renovation of urban development, taking into account environmental factors»
The choice of the most effective best practices organizational-technological design renovation involved determining the patterns of changes in diversity solutions using objects, schema modes of production. The proposed organizational and technological system for reconstruction of the many options to help you choose the best solutions for the construction of buildings and structures, and environmental criteria.

Keywords: Reconstruction of urban development, environmental risk during reconstruction.

Litvinov V. V., Yazyev B. M., Beskopylnyy A. N. «Stability of a circular cylindrical shell under uniform external pressure»

We consider a circular cylindrical shell loaded by uniform external pressure at the tangential boundary conditions, the deformation which occurs without elongation and shear of the middle surface, as well as the condition of the middle surface inextensible in the circumferential direction. Energy method in the form of Ritz-Timoshenko an expression of the critical external pressure, which coincides with the formula obtained by Brian or Grash of-Bresse.

Keywords: shell, stability, compression, buckling, work.


Malcev N.V., Malcev V.T., Vlasenko I.V. «About kinetics of heat irradiation in mixing and solidification of astringent. »
Knowledge of the kinetics heat irradiation give more sources for understanding physic-chemical process connected with solidification astringent. On curves of heat irradiation you can trace three stages and then read the kinetic equations describing each of them.

Keywords: kinetics, heat irradiation, speed, stages, astringent.

Zhuravlyov A. A., Muro H. E. «The new constructive decision of a covering of system Tsolingera»

Foreign experience of designing and building of a construction with a covering in the form of the cradling-mesh arch with diamond-shaped cells in a constructive network is described. Data on covering geometry, a design of its rod elements are resulted and features of manufacturing techniques and installation of a mesh cover are described.

Keywords: Covering, system Tsolingera, the mesh arch, construction, design.


Sheina S. G., Chulkova E. V. «The analysis of efficiency of energy saving actions under energy saving program in housing stock of Rostov-on-Don

Energy conservation is one of the most comprehensive goals nowadays. One of the most important areas of energy efficiency belongs to the construction industry and housing and communal services: the energy is consumed in the production of building materials, during construction, the maintenance of real estate object during its service life.
The greatest potential of energy savings the housing stock has at maintenance. Energy conservation and related problems associated with the improvement of the environment are extremely relevant in our country in the near future.
Target programs are developed for the decision of the given problem on increase of energy efficiency in all municipalities and regions of the Russian Federation.

Keywords: Energy saving, Energy efficiency, Energy saving program in housing stock, Energy saving potential.


Ivakin E.K., Belevtsov S.P. «Low-rise construction: Development and Logistics»

In Russia today, the fastest growing segment of the house-building complex is a low-rise building and the individual.
The estimation of statistical data on the start of the housing, including single-family homes for the period from 2001 to 2011, discussed the program of state support low-rise building, issues of infrastructure preparation areas under low-rise buildings, modern materials and advanced technology that allows reaching high pace of construction and reducing the cost of housing. Specificity of logistics equipment in low-rise building identified key factors and the main stages of the technology choice of logistics providers.

Keywords: building complex, low-rise construction, development, tooling logistics.

Zyryanov V. V. «Simulation for transportation during mega-events»

Mega-events are basically action in short time but it characterized by high peak loadings on transport system. Moreover features of spatial and temporary allocation of these loadings create additional complexities at transport services of these events. This paper describes application of transport planning and traffic simulation on the urban network under development of transport infrastructure for mega-events. The following conceptual principles are presented as tools for effective solution of traffic problems: integrated management, coordination of all transport modes, separation of purpose travelers, management of traffic demand, traffic simulation.

Keywords: traffic, mega-event, simulation, traffic demand. 


Hejev H.A., Hejev T. A., Kimov U. Z., Dumanov K. H. «Fire retardant and heat-resistant composites with volcanic rocks»
Fire retardant and heat-resistant composites with the use of gypsum, Portland cement, expanded vermiculite, sand, tuff; hydrated lime and wood resin saponification have been developed. We consider the process of preparing fire retardant and heat resistant mix and production technology arm cement bilayer slabs. The results of the fire test arm cement plates with a layer of flame retardant on the basis of control and the proposed formulations. Investigated heat-resistant properties of cement composites on the volcanic tuff.

Keywords: tuff sand, hydraulic activity, expanded vermiculite, gypsum, Portland cement, hydrated lime, resin wood hydrolysis, fire-retardant composites, arm cement plates, heat-resistant composites, fire resistance, heat-resistant composites.

Tarjimanov M. A., Mailyan D. R. «The properties of prestressed concrete sheet pile units»

In article the problem of calculation of retaining structures of a foundation ditch with the account of deformation characteristics of mutual influenced system "basis-construction" is considered. The change estimation of rigidity of prestressed retaining devices under pulse dynamic influence is given.

Keywords: retaining structures, calculation, definition of efforts, prestressed concrete, dynamic influence.


Mailyan D. R., Kurgin K. V. « The need for transformation of the base the analytic dependence "sb‑eb" of concrete»
We consider the need of transformation diagrams "sb‑eb" depending on the effect of prestressing and strain gradient, which may allow more accurate estimate of the stress-strain state, carrying capacity, rigidity and crack resistance of reinforced concrete elements. For the transformation diagrams "sb‑eb" recommended formula for the correction factors kR and ke. We describe the technique, determining the stress-strain state of the action of a preliminary effort, based on the transformed strain diagrams.

Keywords: prestressing, concrete, carrying capacity, fracture toughness, stiffness, stress-strain state.

Mironyuk V.P., Melnikov D.A.  «The processing time distribution service vehicles for container handling. »

This paper considers the possibility of software systems modeling of transport processes on the highway network to model the processes within the enterprise. Presented in detail the technological processing of container cargo at the terminal. The law of time distribution of cargo handling at the container terminal shipping.

Keywords: Modeling, technology, transport, process, trucking, distribution function, the transport container.

Mailyan L. R., Nalimova A. V., Mailyan A.L., Aivazian E. S. «Shuttle Manufacturing fiber-reinforced concrete with aggregated distribution fiber design and properties»
Formulation of the problem. One of the main technological challenges is to obtain a fiber-reinforced concrete with a uniform (aggregated) distribution of fibers in terms of concrete, on which depend strongly on design and performance of fiber-reinforced concrete.
Results. Proposed shuttle technology of fiber-reinforced concrete with the aggregate distribution of fibers, to study changes in the con-structive properties, developed recommendations for the settlement of its assessment of the strength and deformation characteristics and the diagrams of deformation under compression and tension.
Conclusions. Experimental studies suggest the positive impact of the proposed technology on the properties and characteristics of fiber-reinforced concrete with the aggregate distribution of fibers.

Keywords: fiber concrete with the aggregate distribution of fibers, tightlytional and deformation characteristics, strain diagram.

Kostuchenko V. V. «Designing of complete sets of cars at the system organization of building manufacture»

Search of the new organizational-technological decisions providing achievement of the purpose of performance by is minimum possible set of mechanized operations is made.

Keywords: complete sets of cars, building, the system approach, operations of building processes, a techniques effective utilization.


Figovsky O.L. "In the range of five years there will be innovations which seem today a fantasy"
Article represents the review of various innovations in the field of medicine, ecology, military science and the industry. Having considered various kinds of the scientific projects created by scientists of Great Britain and the USA, the author comes to a conclusion that these new workings out only a small part of the researches allowing in a revolutionary way to change technology in the industry and medicine.

Keywords: innovations, researches, nanomaterials, nanoparticles, perspective workings out.