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Engineering – the philosophy of activity


Engineering – the philosophy of activity

Posuponko N.V.

Incoming article date: 20.09.2013

In the first part of the article discusses a number of issues related to engineering. Engineering is a field of scientific, technical and technological knowledge to ensure the practical implementation of ideas to improve the human environment at all stages of the life cycle of an idea from inception to disposal. Organization and maintenance of conditions of life of people identified the main concern of mankind from ancient to contemporary community formations of the international community, has given rise to the full range of human activities. The same motivation stood at the origins of civilization. Civilization - the next stage of development for the barbaric culture that teaches people to deliberate organized activities to targeted, predictable results. Engineering activities to meet these criteria. The subject of engineering is the human environment, research and monitoring her condition, prognosis of problem situations, organization and implementation of measures to improve the elements and the environment in general. The area of engineering for the benefit of human systems - organizing and conducting the study, the identification and resolution of problem situations at all stages of the life cycle of the system of ideological views and theories of fundamental and applied research , engineering - technical realization , the incorporation of innovation into the existing system . The author urges that in order to find practical ways to harness the potential of engineered solutions to the problems of social and cultural environment as the most important factor in the formation of the cultural level of society and personality.

Keywords: engineering, operations, civilization, social and cultural environment