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  • Engineering – the philosophy of activity

    In the first part of the article discusses a number of issues related to engineering. Engineering is a field of scientific, technical and technological knowledge to ensure the practical implementation of ideas to improve the human environment at all stages of the life cycle of an idea from inception to disposal. Organization and maintenance of conditions of life of people identified the main concern of mankind from ancient to contemporary community formations of the international community, has given rise to the full range of human activities. The same motivation stood at the origins of civilization. Civilization - the next stage of development for the barbaric culture that teaches people to deliberate organized activities to targeted, predictable results. Engineering activities to meet these criteria. The subject of engineering is the human environment, research and monitoring her condition, prognosis of problem situations, organization and implementation of measures to improve the elements and the environment in general. The area of engineering for the benefit of human systems - organizing and conducting the study, the identification and resolution of problem situations at all stages of the life cycle of the system of ideological views and theories of fundamental and applied research , engineering - technical realization , the incorporation of innovation into the existing system . The author urges that in order to find practical ways to harness the potential of engineered solutions to the problems of social and cultural environment as the most important factor in the formation of the cultural level of society and personality.

    Keywords: engineering, operations, civilization, social and cultural environment

  • Experemental researches of the receiving modes of a rough metal surfaces in vacuum arc discharge

    In this work experimentally investigated the possibilities of the new method of obtaining adjustable roughness on metal surfaces electrothermal influence of mobile cathode spots in vacuum arc discharge. Presents the results of processing of various surfaces using this method. Proposed working modes of processing of metal surfaces with the aim to receive as minimum and maximum roughness.

    Keywords: roughness of metal surfaces, vacuum arc discharge, cathodic spots

  • A description of the potential function for the more accurate equation of lines motion

    In the present work proposes a specified description of potential functions when the free spreading  in the two-dimensional turbulent flow of planning. In contrast to previous decisions, new parameter satisfies the continuity of flow when the flow flowing  from rectangular tubes on the discharging  track  

    Keywords: final line of motion, lines of equal potential, horizontal rectangular tube, diverting from the mainstream flow

  • Mechatronic measuring module parameters of the executive movements machine system

    In this paper is offered hydraulic sensor to measure the kinematic, power and energy parameters. Developed scheme and the principles of the hydraulic sensor.  Identification  on the special flow lab with real modes of the device is determined by its performance in different conditions. Approximation of the results received dependences flow and pressure drop characteristics on the speed and entrance pressure, allowed more correctly assess and describe the operation of the hydraulic sensor over the entire range of speed and entrance pressure.

    Keywords: hydraulic sensor, spilling method, flow and pressure drop characteristics, multifunction control unit.

  • The potential of using biogas in the agricultural region

    The article deals with the issues of self-sustaining development of agricultural areas. Stated that the main cause of subsidy dependence of modern agriculture is the high consumption of motor fuel. Analyze the structure and the main directions of the consumption of motor fuel. The possibility of replacing the traditionally used oil fuel for its biological counterparts, produced independently. Proposed a set of measures aimed at achieving energy self-sufficiency agriculture and including the introduction of energy-saving technologies, including in the field of transport. As well as the implementation of new organizational and economic forms that combine on the basis of horizontal connections.

    Keywords: bioenergy, renewable energy, biofuel, energy-saving technology, aricultural region;

  • The problem of reducing the negative impact of the transport sector on the environment on the basis of the mechanismdisposal of waste oils

    The problem of efficient use of lubricants in service of railway technology, based on a system for the collection of used oil and re-use them after regeneration. The analysis of the consumption of lubricants and identify possible potential resource - the volume of used oil and the resulting volume of recovered oil.

    Keywords: oils, operation of transport equipment, used oil, used oil collection, regeneration

  • The parametric method of determining a phase difference of quasi-harmonic signals

    The method of digital parametric measurement of the phase shift of signals with slowly varying amplitudes of the same slowly varying instantaneous frequencies was proposed. The numerical simulations and experiments on the developed hardware and software system were carried out. The error of measurement the phase difference of harmonic signals in the experiments were not more than  0,00001 radian. The method can be used in applications where the measured value is expressed in terms of the phase difference of quasi-harmonic signals.

    Keywords: quasi-harmonic signal, phase shift, real time measurements, hardware and software system

  • The economic effect resulting in improving the planning of freight

    The article is devoted to study proposals for commissioning period of planning and coordination of freight shippers application of the SU-12 with the operators of rolling stock from the economic point of view. Defined and examined the relationship problems in the planning of cargo via Russian ports and operational performance of the railways. The methods of calculating the economic effects of operational performance.

    Keywords: The economic effect, Planning, Performance Indicators, Economic efficiency

  • The computational model of hydrodynamic lubrication heterogeneous porous bearing of finite length, running in a stable transient regime of friction in a forced-feed lubrication

    To investigate the stability of the porous bearings developed computational model heterogeneous porous bearing of finite length. Given the permeability anisotropy of the porous layer in the paper the problem of stability of motion of a pin in the bearing for the two different versions of lubrication: the axial direction and in the direction perpendicular to the axis of the bearing. Obtained and analyzed the tasks identified areas of stability of motion spine.

    Keywords: porous bearing, friction regime, the permeability of the porous layer, the viscoelastic lubricant.

  • The implementation of parallel algorithmic structures that simulate the ecosystem of lake facilities to multi-core processors

    Proposed by parallel implementation structures aloritmicheskih simulating year-round circulation of water bodies. The research evaluation of computation time, find the optimal algorithm for the implementation of independent calculations for multi-core processors to reduce the computation time.

    Keywords: parallelization of computations, thermohydrodynamics modeling of water objects, multi-core processors

  • Parametric model of pseudorandom sequence generator by OrCAD

    This article describes the model of the pseudorandom sequences (PRS) generator developed in OrCAD program suite.The described model is applicable for radio systems modules circuits simulation that are using in the operation a PRS. The PRS generator implementation in OrCAD make possible to change PRS parametres immediately in the program, without using other software. A model specificity is that it is parametrised. Parametrization facilitates model control and that is reduce to a minimum necessary manipulations for changing of PRS type. The model is constructed on the basis of circuitry implementation of the linear feedback shift register (LFSR). For adjustment of model it is enough to instal code words setting starting state a LFSR, parametres of a signal of a clock source and to specify register tap output. As an example, used a 16-bit LFSR to create maximum length PRS, tap sequence {0, 5, 9, 13}. Emulation results are presented.

    Keywords: pseudorandom sequence, PRS generator, LFSR, OrCAD, circuit simulation

  • Management of reproductive potential in the balanced development of the economy of the region

    In modern conditions, of particular importance is the need to form a model of the reproductive system of the regional economy, adequate objectively existing level of technological development, trends involvement in every phase of the reproductive process of innovative products, intellectualization of human activity, as well as the new requirements of economic globalization of world economic relations. In this regard, there is a need for a management model reproductive potential, focused on the balanced development of all the subsystems of the regional economy, taking into account the factors of integration and globalization of the world economy.

    Keywords: balance, reproductive potential, production function, the economy of the region

  • Regulation of activity of management companies in the market of housing-and-municipal services in Rostov-on-Don

    Article represents the analysis of activity of management companies in the market of housing-and-municipal services of Rostov-on-Don for definition of structure of the market and development of offers on its improvement on the basis of mechanisms of management, such as standards of housing and communal services, the public-private  partnership, coordination of interests of business, administration and owners of housing stock.

    Keywords: Management company, housing-and-municipal services, housing and communal services, public-private partnership.

  • The potential of the Karelian bioenergy cluster

    We prove the prospect of using the territory of the Republic of Karelia for the production of the pilot project "Karelian bioenergy cluster", to reduce dependence on imported thousands of miles away-facing expensive fossil fuels and to improve their socio-economic situation due to the involvement in the processing of native species in -renewable resources.

    Keywords: bioenergy, wood, potential, Republic of Karelia, the peat

  • The development of the electricity market: the view of the Finnish experts

    The view of Finnish experts on the development of the electricity market in Finland for the period up to 2035. Is marked by the expected growth in nuclear power and wind power, as well as increased attention to the use of fuel wood.

    Keywords: nuclear, biofuels, wind power market, electricity

  • Study of the formation of trihalomethanes in Baghdad water supply system

    Chlorination is the most common, and in fact no alternative method of disinfection using in Baghdad water supply system. Thus there is an urgent need to control the trihalomethanes (THMs) in drinking water. One of the objectives of this study is to investigate the content of THMs in Baghdad water supply network. Studies showed that the substantial amount of THMs formed in water distribution system, THMs content tends to increase with the distance from the starting point coupled with a decrease of residual chlorine concentration. It is observed that in summer total THMs concentration growth rate in water supply network was 1.3-1.4 times higher than in winter as well as total amount of THMs increase by 30 percent in summer. It was found that the concentration of total THMs never exceeded 80 μg/l – the level specified in National Primary Drinking Water Regulations: Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts (Stage 1) established by USEPA. However, in summer total THMs concentration in the water always exceeded 40 μg/l – the level set in accordance with Stage 2 of this Rule. The most of total THMs (73-80%) were bromine compounds (CHCl2Br, CHClBr2 and CHBr3). It is shown that the most efficient way to reduce THMs in Baghdad water supply network is to use the chlorine dioxide for chlorination.

    Keywords: chlorine dioxide, chlorination, drinking water, trihalomethanes (THM), water supply network, water supply system

  • The construction of a mathematical model of the basin of Lake Onega

    The process of constructing a mathematical model of basin water bodies. Using the raw data, a mathematical model of the basin of Lake Onega. This model can be used for modeling thermal and hydrodynamic processes.

    Keywords: parallelization of computations, thermohydrodynamics modeling of water objects, multi-core processors

  • Neural network on basis of homeostaticcontrol mechanizm

    The consideration of basic control homeostatic system is carried out. With a glance on Stepanov’s research result in the area of medical homeostatics the conception of oscillatory homeostatic neural network on the basis of the meridional homeostatic model of human body is generated.

    Keywords: homeostat, knowledge, neural network, meridional homeostatic model

  • Thermal processing mode optimization within an automated control system of technological process of a horizontal-grate machine

    The subject of the article is a two-level optimization system of thermal processing of pellets mode within an automated control system of technological process of a horizontal-grate machine. At the top level the problem of the static optimization of the mode is solved periodically  based on a  mathematical models of a technological zones. At the bottom level, the pellets layer's immeasurable parameters are estimated with a help of a state observer and the optimal thermal processing mode is being stabilized.

    Keywords: horizontal-grate machine, mode optimization, mathematical model, state observer

  • Simulation model of silica biosensors for environmental studies

    The urgency and feasibility of application of biosensors with active biological layer for environmental studies was justified. A study of biosensors of various configurations to build a test system of environmental pollution control and determine the degree of aquatic toxicity was conducted. A simulation model of biosensor system was built. The selectivity of the biosensor was determined by theoretical experiments in which the analytical signal of the biosensor for biologically active layer without other biologically active substances was determined. The relationship between the type of transducer and biologically active substance was revealed. The software implementation of bisensor system was developed that reveals a number of pollutants and allows using not only different converters, but also different strains.

    Keywords: biosensor, strain, quartz crystal, simulation model, environmental studies, pollutants, toxicity, sensitivity

  • The analysis of ways to increase the competitiveness of energy biomass

    Following ways to increase the competitiveness of energy biomass are defined. The research of biomass as a raw material for logging and utilization, state encouragement of its industrial utilization, analysis and biomass supplier and customer market grouping, making of effective equipment for its logging, transportation and utilization, feasibility study of equipment parameters and modes of operations, energy biomass performance improvement.

    Keywords: alternative fuel,energy biomass, biofuel, logging, competition

  • Patent search in the field of shut-offvalve constructionsfor nuclear power plants, thermal power plants and main piping

    The results of a patent search in the field of shut-off valve constructions for nuclear power plants, thermal power plants and main piping are given.

    Keywords: Nuclear power plants, shut-off valve, construction, main piping

  • On the possibility using the inertioal sensors with low and middle classes of accuracy in the automatic control system of the aircraft

    The results of the modeling of joint work  of the control system with  the aircraft inertial navigation system are represented in this article .For  improving the accuracy of the control the results of  calibration of inertial sensors with are used. It is shown that the developed method of calibration of inertial sensors with middle accuracy   allow to improve the quality of inertial measuring unit and use it in automatically control system of aircraft. 

    Keywords: aircraft, strapdown inercial navigation system, automatic control system by flight, terminal'nya exactness, algorithmic indemnification

  • Model the behavior of Autonomous script in the tasks of management of distributed information resources

    The article has received the further development of application technologies autonomous scripts for management of information resources of computer systems. Formalized behaviour of deterministic and stochastic autonomous scripts with the use of finite automata that enables you to develop models and technology for solving a wide class of problems of information resources management.

    Keywords: autonomous scripts, theory of finite automata, the concept of frames slot, management of distributed information resources