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Modeling of MOSFET parameters in a wide temperature range


Modeling of MOSFET parameters in a wide temperature range

A. M. Pilipenko, V. N. Biryukov

Incoming article date: 26.11.2013

The temperature dependencies of the main parameters of p-channel MOSFET model in a temperature range 20 ... 300 K are measured. The universal formal four-parametric model, which allows approximating all experimental temperature dependencies with the relative error less than 1 % is proposed. The model is intended for the MOSFETs which are applying in low-noise amplifiers of the radio-receiving devices of an optical and infrared range on astronomical satellites, radio telescopes and space observatories. The presented results can be used to simulate the temperature modes of MOSFET amplifiers in SPICE-type electronic simulators. The solution of this problem will predict uptime device when the temperature changes in the cases of emergency or extraordinary situations and also will allow optimizing the choice of refrigerant and increasing the reliability of the amplifier in the conditions of cryogenic temperatures.

Keywords: MOSFET, MOSFET parameters, cryogenic temperature, parameters measurement, temperature dependencies