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  • Environmental and economic development of the region

    In the article the basic theoretical principles of forecasting ecological and economic situation in the region. Author set out to solve using synthetic forecast information , the application of which is justified by the fundamental scientific principles and conclusions based on the results of empirical research. Methodical approaches to the formation of a regional system of forecasting and assessment criteria of its effectiveness. Indicated that the effectiveness of the proposed predictive complex confirmed its practical use in the Russian Donbass. The conclusion about the possibility of forecasting techniques in other regions.

    Keywords: synthesis forecast information ecosystem , the fundamental principles , the evaluation criteria , regional development.

  • Criteria of rationality and efficiency of use of natural resources

    In article fundamental criteria of rationality and efficiency are considered. The analysis of a condition of nature economic activity of the Voronezh area  by three main criteria is carried out. These criteria are opened and analysed, their system decisions are proved.

    Keywords: criteria of efficiency and rationality, system of complex interaction, economic, social and ecological criteria, complex communication.

  • Opportunities and Prospects of small hydropower in agriculture of Altai region

    The article deals with development of hydropower in the Altai region. Indicates the need for widespread adoption in the economic practice of farms renewable energy. Provides information about the basic types of equipment of small hydro power plants. Analyzes the main problems encountered during the construction and operation of small hydroelectric power plants. In this time have a potential for the construction of small hydroelectric power stations for the needs of farms in the area of the foothill zone of the Altai Territory. It is noted that the implementation of such a project is possible only at the state level, because of the large amount of necessary investments. As a priority area of hydropower development for the needs of farms Altai proposed project of building 26 small hydro power plants on the rivers Charysh, Anouilh and Peschanaya. Indicated that the project could provide more than 95% of the needs of agriculture in the region's electricity . According to the analysis of the above issues,we can the following conclusions: (1) small hydropower plants are spent in terms of technology and affordable source of renewable energy, and (2) is now possible to create a sufficiently large hydroelectric complexes of low power, the ability to make a significant contribution to the region's energy supply structure and (3) the market has a large number of manufacturers of equipment for hydroelectric small power, including and domestic enterprises, which allows to put into practice projects by individual energy supply, without any technical difficulties, (4) the high priority in the development of small hydro power plants, in relation to the needs of the agriculture of the Altai Territory is to create a pool of 26 small hydro power plants on the rivers Charysh, Anouilh and Peschanaya with a total installed capacity of 404 MW, with an annual production volume of 1540 million kWh of electricity per year, and (5) small hydropower plants are a priority of energy supply based on renewable energy sources of agrarian industry in the foothills southeast of Altai Territory.

    Keywords: hidroenergy, renewable energy, energy-saving technology, aricultural region

  • A brief overview of the work in development of methodology for the analysis and synthesis of patentable subject matter of technique

    The need for specialists who know the basics of engineering creativity and practical skills of invention and the feasibility of using this methodology for functional and technological analysis. The results of the use of the said methodology in Petrozavodsk state University.

    Keywords: analysis and synthesis, methodology, technology patentable subject matter

  • The basis for the security of the state power

    The article is devoted to the analysis of the principles of energy security of the state and the study of the influence of energy on the level of national security. Considered threats to energy security and the basic directions of its implementation. Examples of world experience in ensuring the reliability of energy systems and power supply. The principles and approaches of maintaining the energy security of the state.

    Keywords: electricity, security, reliability, power supply

  • Technique of optimization of tree cutting process via integrated machine

    The article suggests technique of optimization of tree cutting and skidding process via felling-skidding machines and felling-skidding-processing machines. The realization of this technique will allow reducing of time costs and raising of machine efficiency taking into account accessibility of stand cutting, relief features and technological working conditions.

    Keywords: integrated machine, cutting, tree, timber harvesting, skidding.

  • Comparative analysis of maximum power point tracker algorithms

    Maximum power pointtracking algorithms are widely used in the solar converters in order to obtain maximum power from the solar array. The article provides a brief description of the work of these algorithms, description of the method of testing based on mathematical modeling using Matlab, Simulink and SimScape packages. The results of modeling and comparative analysis  of the studied algorithms, its  strengths and weaknesses revealed.

    Keywords: maximum power point, maximum power point tracker, photovoltaic, buck converter, comparative study of algorithms, perturb and observe method, constant voltage method, constant current method, icremental conductance method

  • Formation of logistics strategy for regional power industry

    The article presents the position of Russia in the global energy sector, highlighted the global trends of the modern development of economic systems that directly affect the stability of the national industrial complexes. Presented the need to invest investments in Russian regional power generation systems.

    Keywords: Trading network, supply chain, suppliers, government regulation, institutionalization of exchange relations.

  • The Correlation Analysis of Vocal Speech as a Nonstationary Random Process

    Vocal speech is a random process. Taking into account the fact that the main characteristics of a singing voice vary with time, in the article vocal speech is studied as an acoustic nonstationary random process. To describe this process we should calculate one of its informative parameters – the autocorrelation function. The findings show that there are some differences between the autocorrelation functions for professional and nonprofessional singers. This helps to make a quantitative assessment of a singer’s professionalism which, alongside with a vocal teacher’s subjective assessment, can present an objective view on a singer’s voice and provide a good basis for optimization of academic voice training. Moreover a teacher does not have to be technically educated because this quantitative assessment is presented in diagrams which are quite easy to assess visually. It is especially important to consider when we use the given voice assessing method in music schools, colleges and universities.

    Keywords: Vocal speech, acoustic signal, nonstationary random process, autocorrelation function, the maximum autocorrelation interval, quantitative assessment

  • Improving the efficiency of thermal power plants by controlling the combustion of fuel in the ion current signal

    The methods of improving the efficiency of thermal power plants. Improve the efficiency improvement offers reach the combustion process. Outlines the benefits of controlling the combustion of fuel in the ion current signal.

    Keywords: power system, power plants, combustion control, the ion current, the detonation

  • Secure modification of LSB matching steganography method

    The modification of the most common steganography method for various container is presented. This modification allows to increase the resistance of steganography to the statistical analisys. A comparative analysis of the effect of the traditional LSB matching method and the proposed modification to the frequency histogram of sample values ​​in the container is presented.

    Keywords: steganography, steganalysis, information security, embedded data transfer

  • Control of energy-saving converters

    A long term study of compensation converters allowed to solve the task of designing the structure, the calculation of its elements, the determination of static characteristics and energy performance. Thus remain undeveloped algorithms of their work to ensure a successful use of compensatory converters and independent control of active and reactive power consumption. An algorithm of their work to ensure the optimal use of compensatory converters. This article contains material from GC № 16.526.12.6016 11.10.2011.

    Keywords: Site load electric network compensation converters; management algorithms ; controlled electric drive with compensation rectifier in section of the direct current of the converter of the frequency

  • Iterative optimal control algorithm energy-saving converters

    An optimal control algorithm for compensating converters. This algorithm provides control of active and reactive components of power consumption. The algorithm allows to reach a balance  between the values ​​of the angles  controls αi and αe . In the algorithm used is a method for solving equations by iteration. In article materials of the state contract № 16.526.12.6016 on 11.10.2011.

    Keywords: compensation converter, frequency converter, control algorithm, objective function, iterative method

  • Complementarily - Adaptive use tools of intergovernmental relations for the purpose of leveling the socio-economic development of regions

    The current system of intergovernmental fiscal relations , the trends of its development in Russia , including the alignment process , aimed at smoothing the territorial differentiation of socio- economic development of regions. The main task of any state , regardless of the device is to smooth regional disparities through a reallocation of financial resources. In this case, the stability of intergovernmental fiscal relations between the federal center and the subjects of the federation is largely determined by well-functioning system of fiscal federalism. Currently, the budget process is characterized by serious contradictions that arise during the development phase as well as on the stages of implementation of management decisions. Global experience demonstrates the lack of an optimal model of intergovernmental relations . Vertical alignment is the process of achieving a balance between the commitment of each level of government expenditure with the potential of its revenue sources . The tools include the vertical alignment of the fixing of taxes for a certain level , subventions and subsidies, regulating the distribution of income. The horizontal alignment is aimed at providing a unified standard level of consumption of public services to the residents of different regions of the country. With reference to the Russian economic space horizontal alignment problems are quite complex , since there are strong differences in socio-economic development of the regions due to climatic and historical factors .

    Keywords: Complementarily - adaptive tool, budgetary control, fiscal stimulus, active regional policy, economic growth, macroeconomic development

  • Features mates renewable energy sources (RES) in the context of the development of intellectual energy system of Russia

    Discusses the features of mates renewable эергии (RES), and also technological platforms, as well as measures to support industry. Shows the results of modeling of wind power systems and the conclusions about the dependence of the output parameters of stochastically varying input parameters

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production

  • The development of the structure of the tools of the analysis dynamic mechanical systems of the class tooth issues

    In persisting article is offered structure and functional composition of the programme modules of the tools of the analysis dynamic mechanical systems of the class tooth issues. In change from existing, proposed programme complex contains the extended composition of the modules. This enables, in particular, check convergence iteration computing processes, way to visualizations of the current importance of the full kinetic energy of the fluctuations of the under investigation mechanical system. The broughted composition each of block of the programme complex, with detailed description of the purpose included modules into them.

    Keywords: The mechanical system, tooth issue, modeling, programme complex, dynamic of the system

  • Synthesis of adaptive controller the pivot node

    Is presented the solution of important sectoral issues to improve traffic safety of rolling stock by reducing lateral wear of wheels and rails heads when changes trucks in curves parts of the route by increasing reliability and durability of the pivot site.
    To resolve this task, the paper proposed to the original design decision metered supply of lubricant to the friction surfaces of the parts with wear and tear their contact surfaces. According to the proposed resolution on friction surfaces pivot site are hollow, filled with solid composite lubricant, which in process of deterioration will portions get in contact area.
    Theoretical foundations and the equation of adaptive management is present.

    Keywords: center plate, adaptive regulator, operating parameters, lubricating layer, wear

  • Local Atomic and Electronic Structure of the Fe dopants in AlN:Fe Nanorods

    Fe-doped AlN nanorods were studied by means of x-ray absorption spectroscopy above the Fe K- and L2,3- edges. Theoretical simulations of the x-ray absorption spectra show that Fe atoms mainly substitute Al. A minor fraction of Fe interstitials or Fe-Al-N ternary alloy can be identified as well. Bader’s AIM analysis predicts that neutral substitutional FeAl defect is in 2+ charge state, though Al in pure AlN is in 3+ charge state.  Fe L2,3 absorption spectra and photoluminescence data indicate the coexistence of Fe2+/Fe3+ in AlN:Fe nanorods so different charge states of substitutional FeAl should co-exist.

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production

  • Multispectral optical method formation and image processing formation at low contrast hypodermic priori uncertainty skin parameters

    The advanced multispectral method is developed for formation and recovery of the image of a hypodermic on the basis of function of a detuning and its algorithm realizing. The method reduces distorting influence of change of characteristics of skin on image formation. Use of function of a detuning allows to make processing without observance of rigid requirements to the accuracy of a choice of lengths of waves on which images and, respectively, providing a preset value of the relation of values of optical thicknesses of skin are formed.

    Keywords: Restore images, multispectral method, the function of detuning, the optical thickness, the reflection coefficient

  • Long-term monitoring of human respiratory activity

    This article reviews systems of respiratory activity registration in relation to sports medicine. Attention is devoted to the use of miniature accelerometers that record the movement of the chest, as the optimal method for the diagnosis of the respiratory parameters. Other methods are based on piezo-resistive sensors, pressure and airflow sensors, and airways resistance sensors. The authors' developed device based on three-axis accelerometer is proposed. It recognizes episodes of apnea with sufficient accuracy for long-term monitoring. The algorithm of the accelerometer data processing is described. In order to minimize noise impact on the useful signal it is necessary to transform the three-dimensional cloud of accelerometer data into a flat sector. Then the relation of gravity vector deviation angle and the nominal position in time is determined. This presented device due to its ability to transmit data via Bluetooth technology, after appropriate software development for mobile phone and the receiving terminal of medical professional, will be able to organize a simple ergonomic long-term remote monitoring of respiratory activity.

    Keywords: systems of respiratory activity registration, long-term remote monitoring, three-axis accelerometer

  • Model of system of automated management by information service

    In article the structure, functional architecture and mathematical model of the system intended for automated management by information procedures in the automated information system are considered. The offered model is based on monitoring of initial and flowing conditions of the information streams subjected recomposition on the basis of operating markers by the serving router. A system kernel is the Server of configurations supporting discrete disciplines of management by service.

    Keywords: information service, priority management, an information stream

  • The development measures to improve the sustainability regional budgets in terms of uneven socio-economic development

    The paper presents the classification types of fiscal stability the regions, as well as measures to improve the sustainability of regional budgets, which will minimize the risks inefficient execution of the federal budget, improve fiscal sustainability of both the federal and regional budgets.

    Keywords: socio-economic system, the stability, the regional budget, intergovernmental relations

  • The computational model of radial plain bearing with increased load capacity, working on micropolar lubricantgiven its viscosity characteristics of the pressure

    As is known, currently in a model gidrodinaimcheskoy sliding bearing lubricant widely used micropolar lubrication. A major shortcoming of existing working models of bearings running on micropolar lubricant is that this does not take into account the dependence of viscosity characteristics of the micropolar lubricant on the pressure. Naturally, there is a need not only into account the dependence of viscosity characteristics of the pressure in the development of an analytical method for predicting the optimal carrying capacity characteristics inherent MICROPOLAR grease, but also predict the optimal profile of the reference surface of the radial bearing. [1-3 ]Solving this problem is devoted to this work.

    Keywords: porous bearing, friction regime, the permeability of the porous layer, the viscoelastic lubricant.

  • Local atomic and electronic structure of nanostructured condensed materials for rechargeable current sources on the basis of V2O5/Fe/LiF nanocomposite within charge-discharge cycle

    In this paper we study of the local atomic and electronic structure of nanostructured condensed material for rechargeable current sources on the basis of 15mas.%V2O5/Fe/LiF nanocomposite within charge-discharge cycle. Principle component analysis (PCA) of the series of Fe K-edge spectra collected during 1 st charge showing the concentrations of the components Fe, FeF2 and V[FeV]O4. We found the changes in the V oxidation state from the analysis of the experimental Fe K- and V K- XANES spectra. Total and partial density of states of components are presented.

    Keywords: nanostructured materials for rechargeable current sources, dynamics of local atomic and electronic structures, XANES, DFT