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Engineering breakthrough in the social simulation


Engineering breakthrough in the social simulation

M.D. Rozin, V.P. Svechkarev

Incoming article date: 15.12.2013

In the article it is shown that the engineering professional abilities proved to be claimed, also, in the especially humanitarian divisions of the science: history, sociology, politologii, konfliktologii and other Which makes it possible to speak about the convergence of engineering methods and professional scopes of the specialists of humanitarian profile. The illustrations of the tendency of this change in the southern federal university are given. Are examined the most interesting aspects of the advance of engineering methods and tools in the humanitarian formation, in scientific studies and developments, conducted with the participation of scientists, specialists and the students of the North-Caucasian scientific center of southern federal university.

Keywords: convergence, simulation, methodology, social simulation, information set of instruments, agent base modeling, system dynamics, the discrete- event-related models