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  • The II All-Russia forum «A science and the person in 21 centuries»

      From September 17 to September 20 at the Southern federal university the II All-Russia forum «A science and the person in 21 centuries» took place. It united three scientific actions: Scientific conference «Session of Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on acoustics and the XXV session of Russian joint stock company»; the XII All-Russia scientific and technical conference with the international participation "Medical information systems" MIS-2012; the II All-Russia school seminar «Innovations and prospects of medical information systems». 

    Keywords: neurobiology, neurocybernetic, brain, artificial intelligence, genetics, stress, person operator, diagnostics, therapy, hardware and software

  • Comparative analysis powerlifting sports techniques in sportsmen of different qualifications with motor disorder

      Bbiomechanical parameters of the competitive exercise «bench» during the All-Russian competitions (Cup of Russia, Sochi 2011) were revealed in powerlifting athletes of various qualifications with motor disorder. Comparative analysis showed that there are significant differences between athletes of high, medium and low skills.

    Keywords: Powerlifting, sports techniques, sportsmen of different qualifications with motor disorder

  • Use of new technologies in the top level sport

      New devices and equipment, which use the methods and facilities of computer stabilography, are introduced in the paper. These devises and equipment require improving power and speed-power rates of sportsmen in Russian Olympic and Paralympics National Teams. The article examines new technologies, which enable to estimate objectively the dynamics of training program’s effectiveness, during training of sportsmen for competition. In the paper is introduced an ability of use of these devices on the basis of new technologies under visual feedback for development of dose muscle force and motor function of the sportsman as well as for rehabilitation after overtraining, injury or trauma.

    Keywords: Speed-power training, stabilography, dynamometry, moment of force

  • Impedance assessment of cell suspensions in space flight

        In this paper we evaluate the viability of cell suspensions with the assessment of their bioelectric properties. A method for evaluation of cell suspensions, based on the method of pulse impedance. The frequency response of the electric impedance of suspensions chondroblasts, determined by analysis of the transition function. Under the transition function is meant to test the reaction of the object exposure, for which current is used as a reaction - voltage electrodes placed in the sample suspension. After the time-frequency transform data to a PC, the transfer function is considered in the space of states that characterize the electrical properties of multicomponent biological tissues, which allows us to go to the electrical equivalents of its constituents. The measurement process, i.e. impact on the sample cell suspension is carried out within the pulse of electric current, which allows a quick assessment of the cell suspension.

    Keywords: cell suspensions, electrical impedance, transfer function, state space, the functional identification

  • The functionality of the hardware-software complex «myocom»

      This article describes the purpose, functionality and the main field of application of hardware-software complex "MYOCOM". In particular, the criteria determining structures are described by the schema and the hardware capabilities of the device to register electromyogram. Program-methodical maintenance of the complex is divided into three groups: research section, which allows you to plan and assess the results of the experiment; analysis of the functions of the muscles on EMG parameters; rehabilitation exercise equipment on the basis of biological feedback. The paper describes the possibility of synchronization of the complex "MYOCOM" with other devices.

    Keywords: Electromyography, diagnostics, rehabilitation, synchronization

  • Measuring convertor of auditory evoked potentials of bioelectrical brain activity

    Structure and features of biosignals digital processing in measuring convertor of auditory evoked potentials of bioelectrical brain activity are considered at this article. Measuring convertor of auditory evoked potentials of bioelectrical brain activity is the main part of neurological diagnostics systems allowed to obtain information about the current state of the human nervous system. This paper describes the processing method of evoked potentials based on recording and processing a continuous electroencephalographic (EEG) signal. The proposed method consists of three main steps: registration of the EEG signal, segmentation of the EEG signal and the averaging of segmented fragments of the EEG signal.

    Keywords: measuring convertor of biosignal, evoked potential of bioelectrical brain activity, biosignal averaging

  • Creation of algorithms of recognition of events of a dream on the basis of research of histograms

      Method of an automatic recognition of sleep events is described. The method is based on analysis of amplitude histograms that are built on each of registered channels. The method is designed for sleep events, distinctive feature of which is expressed amplitude change that appears simultaneously on several channels. For example, "General body movement" and "Limbs movement" events. But this is not limited; method can be applied to other events, for example "Snore". Algorithm can be divided into three stages: histograms building and analysis, vertical analysis, results processing.

    Keywords: PSG, sleep events, histogram, detection algorithm

  • Investigation of wave front dynamics of a focusing radiator of ultrasound

      The analysis of a spherically converging sound beam is made. As the parameter reflecting evolution of a wave, the front surface curvature is used. The expressions are received, allowing determining value of a phase front curvature of sound beams with various amplitude distributions. Axial and cross distributions of front curvature of focused beam with gauss and uniform amplitude distributions are resulted. Different influence of radiator surface curvature on wave front dynamics in cases ,  and  is marked. Similar characteristics for a flat radiator are presented. 

    Keywords: Focusing radiator; diffraction; phase front curvature

  • The feature of the nonlinear acoustic mechanism in medicine

      The thermal mechanism of the effect of acoustic waves with high intensity for biological tissues is required thorough study. When considering the high level of acoustic wave used isentropic Poisson adiabatic usually. Used isentropic shock adiabatic (Hugoniot adiabatic) for description of the waves with increased intensity. In the case of shock waves with different density of the medium would be discussed is the following approximation in the description of the process – non-isentropic shock adiabatic, which has an asymptote already. This is important when considering the process.

    Keywords: Acoustic waves with high intensity, Hugoniot adiabatic, shock waves

  • The use of ballistogramm components, caused by cardiac activity, at research of human set posture stabilization

      The components of force plate signals, generated by cardiac activity, are investigated. The person stays in an ortograde posture, sit in the relaxed pose and in a pose at which the trunk keeps vertically and don’t contact with seatback. On the basis of a spectral approach features of power plate “Stabilan” indications and hardware-software complex «A multifunctional chair» are analyzed at inspection of the person holding set postures in different functional conditions (before and after physical activity). It is shown that change of vertical force (ballistogramm data) is an integrative signal. Manifestation of muscular components in force plate signals for an ortograde posture and a human pose sitting with vertical trunk are discussed.

    Keywords: Force plate vertical signal, cardiac activity, posture stabilization

  • Hardware and software system for registration physical activity in functional diagnostics

    This article describes the method of registration electrocardiogram and physical activity which patient feels during the examination process. The represented scheme of research with registration of a load, which includes portable pulsometer, cardioregistrator fixing electrocardiogramm, frequency of cardiac contractions, ST segment shift, the trainer is a stepper to wichpeddal a block of load registation is connected. The person on stepper, tests a load peer to potential energy, spent during research. On the basis of the specified method the hardware-software complex of registration of a load is developed for functional diagnostics, there is a block diagram presented.

    Keywords: Holtermonitor, ECG, physical activity

  • Induced brain activity during the perception of Kanizs figures

    The problems of visual perception whole object are considered in the paper. As an objective method to explore these issues, are used as incentives figure in subjective contours - Kanizs figures. The survey was attended by eight healthy men (SFU students and staff), right-handed, aged 22 to 35 years. The results of analysis of variance characteristics visual EP, recorded in the perception of different figures, showed that significant differences were found when comparing the real and illusory form with a figure control.

    Keywords: Visual perception, Kanizs figures, evoked potentials (EP), dispersion

  • Biotechnical systems assess the level of readiness for operation of the human operator

    The problems of the synthesis test biotechnological systems for assessing important professional qualities, the training and the actual state of the human operator of complex information systems. For this purpose is proposed to use computer reflexive games, built on the basis of measuring graphics, which take into account the properties of human visual analyzer. They help to create working situations of varying complexity, the on-line information presentation device. These systems can easily be adapted for studies of group activities, you only need to choose the type of test image.

    Keywords: Biotechnical systems, reflexive games, measuring graphic, group activities

  • Analysis of time series with cig fractal processing

    Briefly discussed the theoretical model of the spectrum of RR intervals and its changes depending on the processes taking place. Made a device for measuring cardiointervalogramms (CIG). Obtained from the renting of data, of varying duration and frequency shall be recorded for further processing. The analysis revealed that the resulting spectrum satisfies the conditions considered in the theoretical model, and can be further analyzed with fractal characteristics. Such an analysis is of great importance in the diagnosis of the patient directly to the duration of the therapeutic procedure for the optimization of both time and intensity exerted influence.

    Keywords: CIG; fractal series; the spectrum of RR intervals

  • Mobile complex for comfortable control of condition of seriously ill bedridden patients

    In the article is examined a hardware program complex on the basis of original sensors of power. This complex makes possible to register breath, pulse and locomotor activity of seriously ill bedridden patients and patients in coma without direct skin contact of sensors and patient for comfortable monitoring. The results of engineering tests are given. The exceptional indicator of system is a load capacity equal to or more than 500kg under the minimum grade value 10 gr. for every sensor. In the paper is demonstrated an availability of this complex for clinical medicine, computer stabilography, polysomnography and top level sport. In conclusion are pointed goals for further development of this complex.

    Keywords: Stabilegraphy, polysomnography, strain-gauge-type power sensor, sport, comatose state

  • Application of the discriminate analysis for classification of EEG of patients by diabetic encephalopathy

    One of the most widespread endocrine diseases in the world is diabetes therefore its true diagnostics, and also diagnostics of its complications (encephalopathy, complications in cardiovascular system, etc.) is always actual. During carrying out research the analysis of psychological testing of examinees was carried out. Also in this work the attention is paid to application of methods of the statistical analysis for classification of EEG of patients by diabetic encephalopathy and healthy examinees. The most informative indicators of EEG reflecting cognitive functions of a brain were revealed. The interrelation of results of psychological testing and EEG analysis is established.

    Keywords: electroencephalography, diabetic encephalopathy, discriminant analysis

  • Principles of system modelling of functional systems of activation of reserve possibilities of the person

    In article the new model of interaction of functional systems of various hierarchical levels is offered: from unicell level, to level over social objects. Feature of model is introduction in its structure: perception filters, the accounting of a strong-willed component, convenience of its application not only in the field of physiology, but also in sociology, psychology, value logy and other sciences describing behavior of reasonable objects. The analysis of signals carrying out exchange of information between functional systems of different level of hierarchy is carried out. The offered model allows explaining and predicting many psycho physiological patterns accompanying conditions of expanded consciousness, and arising at activation of reserve possibilities of the person.

    Keywords: functional systems, super consciousness, activation of reserve possibilities

  • Functional hemodynamic test for endogenous factor influence investigations on the vessel occupancy

      The superposition conception of endogenous factors influence on the hem lymphatic occupancy in the organism vascular system is presented. The main influence factors creating the wave modulation on the pulse blood and lymph flows in the vessels and liquid’s moving in the around tissues are considered in the physical model. On the basis of the model is justified hemodynamic functional test with dosed compression effects on local areas of the body, in which the reaction is analyzed for changes in the spectrum of signals related to the changes exhibited by volume-dynamic changes in the vessels. Shows the functional scheme of the formation of the wave changes hem lymphatic, allowing planning of the study.

    Keywords: Hem lymphatic occupancy, endogenous factors, compression action, spectral analyzing of signals

  • Biotest system for monitoring water in Taganrog Bay

    Biotest system was developed, which combines the standard chemical analytical methods and express biotest analysis. As a part of the system the geographic information system, which allows for an integrated approach to the assessment and ranking of all types of pollution sources based on their interaction, as well as to identify the most hazardous pollutants from the standpoint of environmental regulation was applied.

    Keywords: biotest system, biotest analysis, geoinformation system

  • Decomposition method in adaptive sonar systems design

    To study complex sonar systems, the method of decomposition was suggested. The peculiarities of the method applied to the sonar systems were considered. A four-level hierarchy of decomposition subsystems is proposed. A scheme of the first level of semantic decomposition was presented. Controlled modules allowed to build adaptive systems were described.

    Keywords: decomposition, hydro speaker systems, hierarchy of subsystems

  • Experimental studies of the dynamics of the concentration of heavy metals in surface water in the Taganrog Bay

    Based on a previously developed system of environmental monitoring experimental studies of the dynamics of heavy metal concentrations in surface water in the Taganrog Bay of the Azov Sea were carried out. Sampling points were determined. Data processing for the heavy metals such as iron, copper, molybdenum, nickel, lead, chromium was provided. Observation period - 10 years. Trends have been defined for each point of observation.

    Keywords: experimental data, dynamics of concentration of heavy metals

  • Experimental studies of heavy metal pollution in sediments in the Taganrog Bay

    Based on a previously developed system of environmental monitoring experimental studies of the dynamics of heavy metal concentrations in sediments in the Taganrog Bay of the Azov Sea were carried out. Sampling points were determined. Data processing for the heavy metals such as iron, copper, molybdenum, nickel, lead, chromium was provided. Observation period - 10 years. Trends have been defined for each point of observation.

    Keywords: pilot studies, dynamics of concentration of heavy metals, pollution of waters, ground deposits

  • Method of screws installation into specified locations during osteosynthetic therapy of fractures of calcaneus fractures

      Depressed calcaneus fractures tend to reveal comminuted nature, and are accompanied by apparent  oedema of soft tissues in the ankle joint and foot zones. Rigidity of calcaneus fracture fixation and ability of an early performance of graduated weight bearing by a certain extremity depend on the precision grade of clamp location in the main splinter body. Presently, this problem is solved by means of an electric-optical image converter application. A method, and an appliance for its practical implementation are being offered, which will provide for an increased precision of a crew/wire installation into the calcaneus, with a simultaneous reduction of radiation exposure on both surgeon and patient. 35 patients with depressed calcaneus fracture were operated according to this method; a therapy result for the period from 6 months to 2.5 years has been made for 8 thereof. The algorithm of therapy did not foresee the external immobilization, the graduated weight bearing commenced after 1.5 months, and the complete weight bearing started after 2.5 months. Redislocation of splinters has not been noticed in any of the cases considered. The appliance offered ensures a high quality of surgical therapy. 

    Keywords: calcaneus fracture, osteosynthesis, cannulated screws, minimally invasive osteosynthesis

  • Problems of intelligent means of search, analysis and processing of biomedical information

      The work associated with the creation of an information system for working with a specialized knowledge base of common-date information, the results of research and developments in the field of medicine, as well as connectivity and clustering around a common core of information is different directional information systems for optimize of medical services, and, consequently, improve the quality of investigations and treatments of various diseases. Implementation is proposed with client-server technology, hardware virtualization technologies and data mining technologies by data clustering with neural networks.  

    Keywords: Intelligent search, neural networks, data collection systems, search systems, knowledge base