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  • Nanocomposite organic-hybrid materials

    In this article is reviewed the nature of organic hybrid nanocomposites. Promising directions in the field of organic hybrid nanocomposite materials will be methods for the synthesis of multicomponent materials, as well as the type of "net net" and "host-guest". The fundamental problem with the chemistry and physics of nanocomposites is dependent "structure-property". Solving this problem will move from research materials to their purposeful design.

    Keywords: nanocomposite sol-gel technology, synthesis, nanoparticles.

  • Technical means to improve minimally invasive knee arthroplasty

    In order to improve minimally invasive technique knee arthroplasty authors propose "retractor to retract the patella in minimally invasive total knee arthroplasty," which can improve visualization during surgery to protect the extensor apparatus of the knee joint and reduce the number of complications and "Apparatus for carrying a minimally invasive knee arthroplasty" to improve the accuracy of the endoprosthesis implantation through access «quadriceps-sparing».

    Keywords: invasive knee replacement, gonarthrosis, medical instruments

  • Ecological model of vegetation steppes of the Don basin

    The paper provides information on the results of ordination analysis of Don basin steppes

    Keywords: ordination, Don basin, steppes

  • The increase of production efficiency carrots when using pre-sowing laser processing of seeds and improved storage technologies

    installation and the results of 2 years field experiment, experimental data on the effect of presowing treatment of seeds carrots laser on yield and its structure, as well as the safety of the crop. The research results confirm the positive influence of the pre-sowing seed treatment with laser on increasing productivity of carrot and can be recommended for use in the technology of cultivation. The possibility of regulation of the microclimate of vegetable store in the storage conditions carrots with the application of electroaerosol. The material has both scientific and production concern.

    Keywords: carrots, laser processing, productivity, multiple-factor experiment, field experiment.

  • The computational model is based on the dependence of viscosity and permeability of the porous layer of the pressure-layer hydrodynamic lubrication

    In this paper, based on the Navier-Stokes equations , the continuity equation , taking into account the pressure dependence of viscosity , Darcy equation taking into account the dependence of the permeability of the porous layer of the pressure given by the exact method of forming a self-similar solution of the problem of calculating the hydrodynamic journal bearing operating at three-layer lubricant . As a result, found the velocity field and the pressure in the lubricating layer and the analytical expressions for the components of the supporting forces and friction. Found rational bearing capacity values ​​characterizing different aspects of the functioning of the knot of friction , namely profile support surface ; special lubricating fluid interaction with the surfaces of the friction unit , taking into account the pressure dependence of viscosity ( the formation of intermediate layers with different lubricant viscosities ) .

    Keywords: three-layer lubrication, maintenance force adapted profile stratified flow.

  • Energy conservation during treatment of sewage from populated area

    At present an important role in solving energy conservation problem is assigned to thermal pumping plants (TPP). Using processes of evaporation and condensation of easily boiling liquid circulating in the system they extract low potential heat from environmental objects and provide heat supply for buildings, constructions, greenhousee and so on. Artificial sources of low potential heat for TPP of different capacity can be, for instance, ventilation air and exhaust gases, circulating and waste water,ground. Energy efficient reasonability of TPP use in the system of water disposal for the town of Novocherkassk in Rostov region is considered. Calculations indicate that there is a technical potential to replace a boiler house operating on expensive gas fuel and emissing into the atmospere more than 850 t of carbon dioxide - greenhouse gas - with ecologically clean TPP, one of which uses heat of waste water and the other - heat of ground.

    Keywords: thermal pumping plant, renewable sources, energy conservation, evaporation, condensation, waste water, ground

  • Finite element analysis of the applicability of the applied theories of calculation of piezoelectric device of energy storage of stack configuration

    This paper considers basic element of device of energy storage which is a piezoelectric generator (PEG) of cylindrical form with the attached inertial mass. A finite element modeling of the device operation is carried out during active load in the external circuit. The main purpose of the operation is to compare the output potential and frequency characteristics of the device known in the literature models of systems with concentrated parameters. On the basis of these models, we can receive the analytical dependence of parameters of PEG with its geometric characteristics and mechanical properties of the used materials. However, the question of the range of applicability of these formulas is still open. In this paper, based on the numerical analysis of finite element models of PEG in package ANSYS, we obtained comparison with the analytical formulas that show the values of some parameters of simplified models and set the boundaries of their applicability.

    Keywords: energy storage, PEG, piezoceramics, effective mass, resonant frequency, FEM

  • Automation of monitoring of technical condition of bridges on meliorative channels of the Rostov region

    Problems of service and repair of bridge constructions of a network of the irrigation canals which are on balance of managements of melioration are considered. The description and functionality of the automated imnformatsionny system developed by authors, allowing to carry out the account and monitoring of technical condition of bridge constructions in the territory of the Rostov region is provided.

    Keywords: The meliorative channel, bridge construction, durability and operational reliability of bridge moving via water carrying out channels, monitoring of a condition of the bridge moving, the automated information system

  • Way of coding of the information at the task of the geometrical Models of executive mechanisms of robots

    The method of coding of the geometrical information is offered at the task of executive mechanisms on the basis of use of the set set of spatial primitive things and their orientation in mobile systems of co-ordinates. The method of a designation of geometrical models of mechanisms of robots is offered. One of advantages of the developed method of representation of geometrical models of kinematic chains, possibility of more exact task of a spatial configuration of manipulators by means of use of a considerable quantity of central points and various position of volume primitive things concerning a constructive plane is.

    Keywords: Mechanisms of manipulators, geometrical models, virtual modelling of movements of robots

  • Research of movement of logging trucks using systems GPS-monitoring

    Presented the results of investigation of the motion of logging trucks using systems GPS-monitoring. Is investigated change of output per shift productivity ​​calculated for considering  trains when moving at a distance of 150 to 500 km in increments of 50 km. Examined the effect of distance of transportation and standard deviation values ​​of speed on change the output per shift productivity. More than that was is studied the influence of transport distance and shift productivity values ​​on the change the cost of removal of 1 cubic meter of timber harvested.

    Keywords: output per shift, logging truck, the systems GPS-monitoring, maintenance cost, removal

  • Polyvinylacetate as graphite softener

    This article investigated the possibility of creating a new composite material for electrical products based on natural graphite as the main component with the addition of a plasticizer . Adding plasticizer necessary to solve technological difficulties pressing process products with a high content of natural graphite . This is due to large shear between the interphase graphite flakes . As the plasticizer used polyvinylacetate . The paper presents the technological aspects of production material and study the influence of the plasticizer on the composition, both qualitative and quantitative . Conclusions about the most appropriate ratio to the amount of graphite esmestvennogo adds plasticizer.

    Keywords: Еlectrotechnical products, softener for graphite, composite material, copper-graphite composition, tokosjemny material, current collecting Box, рolyvinylacetate, modification of the surface of graphite.

  • Joint-stock insurance business on the Don in the second half of XIX - early XX centuries

    History share of insurance business in the Province of the Don, the characteristic four stages of development process, the analysis in general and the specific activity of sixteen joint campaigns, including foreign, on the Don in the late XIX - early XX centuries. ("New York", "Urbain", "Ekvitebl"). The social composition of the policyholders, insurance forms discounts logic of competition  

    Keywords: insurance organization of insurance business corporate insurance insured event insurance discount insurance premium insurance rates insurance capital

  • Acoustic method monitoring electrochemical processes

    The article describes the research of thermodurability of glass-carbon - one of the most promising carbon materials used in the production of luminophors and semiconductor materials, optical single crystals, etc. The aim of this work was to study the behavior glass-carbon in the course of thermo-cyclic testing. As a method of diagnostics of the birth and development of micro-cracks was used by the reception of signals of acoustic emission. It is shown that at heating in the samples glass-carbon there was a strong movement of dislocations in thermocyclic effects ,recognized in the signals of acoustic emission. As the number of pulses when heated above, than during the cooling of the sample, it is evidence of the accumulation of damages in the structure of the cyclic thermal processing glass-carbon samples. It is established, that the curves of the accumulation of defects at the pulses of acoustic emission, differ on the stage of heating and cooling. Proposed to use the curve of the aggregate accounts of acoustic emission pulses as a possible harbinger of destruction when heated glass-carbon of the product.

    Keywords: acoustic emission, electrodeposition, the activity of the AE, the remote control.

  • Some characteristics of migration processes in Russia and the Republic of Karelia

    The characteristics of the migration processes in Russia and the Republic of Karelia. Shown that research in the field of promotion of the Russian language and Russian as a foreign language as a native language in Russia and abroad have seen in close conjunction with the analysis of migration processes associated with the need for teaching Russian adapting foreign citizens in the country. The analysis showed that the transition to a "quiet" conditions of a market economy after the 2000 cross-country movement of labor with Russia intensified: the capacity of the Russian labor market and the increased mobility of Russians led the growth of migration flows, Russia as a whole remains a "host" side - the number of labor migrants in Russia considerably exceeds the number of Russians traveling to work abroad. Such a situation is typical for the Republic of Karelia. A comparison of labor migration on vocational qualification groups

    Keywords: migration, Republic of Karelia, Russia, Russian language.

  • Program realization of calculation unit jet system measuring the temperature of the gas flow

    In the article describes the program realization of calculation unit pneumatic measuring system. The program is implemented in the languages ​​of IEC: CFC and ST. Algorithm written with the possibility of future use in systems that differ from described in the article. The developed algorithm allows to measure temperature directly using computing power PLC and get the result in the final form, without any changes on the part of the operator.

    Keywords: pneumatics, temperature, airflow, algorithm of temperature measuring, temperature measurement, Codesys, CFC, ST

  • Diagnosis of the logic element DC LUT FPGA

    In this paper a modification of logic element DC LUT FPGA is proposed for the purpose of the acceleration of diagnostics. Simulation of proposed modification was performed in the system NI Multisim 10 by National Instruments Electronics Workbench Group. Evaluation of hardware costs is also given.

    Keywords: logic element, DC LUT, FPGA, diagnosis, reliability

  • Simulation and method of classification of technical condition of the high-voltage mekhatronics modules

    Simulation and method of classification of technical condition high-voltage the mekhatronics of modules of the movement, allowing by results of control of electrodigit activity and skrednekvadratichesky value of vibrospeed are presented, to refer current state of object to one of classes of diagnoses

    Keywords: High-voltage mekhatronics module, fuzzy-model of classification of technical condition, electrodigital activity, vibrospeed

  • Preparation and use of alternative fuels from municipal solid waste for the cement industry

    The article is considered the ecological and economic rationale for the use and application of alternative fuels from MSW (RDF) to produce cement. The economic efficiency of RDF at JSC "Sebryakovcement" at the current rate of natural and secondary energy. The aim of our work is to develop effective thermal and hardware solutions optimized commercial and environmental solutions for the development of the use of solid waste in the cement industry.

    Keywords: alternative fuels, municipal solid waste (MSW), RDF, cement industry, environmental safety.

  • Calculation of the economic effect of the use of RDF as an alternative fuel for the cement industry

    The article is described the environmental and economic feasibility of the use of fossil fuels on RDF. The opportunity of introduction of alternative fuels, as an essential part of maintaining a balance of market equilibrium in the competitiveness of the products of the company "Sebryakovcement". The calculation of potential possibilities of processing of waste RDF as a necessary component to maintain the balance of market equilibrium and competitiveness of enterprise "Sebryakovcement." Calculation of the potential waste in RDF

    Keywords: alternative fuels, municipal solid waste (MSW), RDF, cement industry, environmental safety.

  • Numerical modeling and analyze of discontinuous signals spectrumenterprise

    The research of influence of periodical signal discontinuity on spectrum form is considered in the article. The numerical modeling of the system of discontinuous signals is performed. The spectrum of the system built from time discreet sampling is analyzed. The plots of the sample correlation coefficient between spectrums of continuous and discontinues signals are shown in the article. The research is needed for the development of digital measuring system for quartz plates frequency detecting.

    Keywords: amplitude signal spectrum, discontinuous signal, quartz plates

  • Influence of thermal insulators for heating polymers at high electrothermics

    The article is devoted to mathematical modeling of high frequency electrothermic of thermoplastics in relation to a technological system in the form of the component plate, including electrodes, insulators, the processed material, and the study of the influence of termoisolation on heating of the thermoplastic. In the article the mathematical model in the form of a system of nonstationary heat transfer in considering the internal heat sources with different boundary conditions and delivers its software. 
    The software provided in article enables to study the influence of geometrical and electrophysical parameters of technological systems of high-frequency heating of the thermoplastic. In this article the results of research of influence of termoisolation on the nature of the heating of the thermoplastic. Based on the calculations presented in numerical and graphic kind, identified the following areas of heating polymer: uniform heating, regional zones of thermal influence of insulators. Heat-affected zone is characterized by depth and temperature of the contacting surfaces. The thickness increase of insulators over a certain value does not change the zone of thermal influence of insulators, which allows to speak about effective from the energy point of view of the thickness of the insulator, the excess of which increase energy consumption, time of heating of the polymer.
    Conclusion is made according to result of the study about the necessity of the presence and settings termoisolations when building technological processes electrothermic of polymers. The developed software allows a new approach to the study of the RF heating, ensuring minimal energy consumption while ensuring uniform heating details.  

    Keywords: electrothermics, thermoplastic, mathematical model, polymer, thermoinsulator, welding, drying, polyamide, high-frequency treatment

  • Determination of the atomic structure of bimetallic Pt-Ag nanoparticles in metal-carbon catalysts by X-ray absorption spectroscopy data

    The atomic structure of bimetallic nanoparticles of Pt-Ag composition, which are the part of metal-carbon electro-catalysts PtAg/C, is studied by means of EXAFS spectroscopy using the suggested technique. These materials have been prepared by methods of consistent and simultaneous deposition of Ag and Pt atoms from aqueous ethylene glycol solutions of their salts with subsequent acid treatment. The values ​​of the structural parameters of the near environment of platinum atoms are determined. The nature of the distribution of components in nanoparticles is established. Cluster models of nanoparticles are constructed. The fraction of Pt atoms in the working shell and its dependance on preparation methods in each case are determined.

    Keywords: Metal-carbon electrocatalysts, bimetallic nanoparticles, Catalysis, Platinum, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, atomic structure

  • Visualization of breakings of geodetic domes under blast loads

    In design and manufacture recently interest to a solving of problems of fluid-structure interaction  is constantly incremented. MSC.Dytran has opportunities of calculation of fluid-structure interaction. MSC.Dytran has found application in different fields for example in general safety analysis.In this article algorithms of fluid structure interaction , used in MSC.Dytran, are described. Analysis of one-contour geodetic domes under blast loads are described.

    Keywords: visualization, computational model, geodetic dome, numerical modelling, blast load, pressure, stress.

  • Technological methods of ensuring the fatigue strength of elastic elements

    As a rule, the information they have guides for fatigue testing geometrical designs, gives only the evaluation of the characteristics and design lay stock in several, and sometimes in tens times exceeds the tensile strength of the material. And saving of material, from the point of view of obsolescence, product should be developed on a certain resource. For details, which operate in the field of elastic deformations and calculated in operation for a given mode of operation should lay in the design of the guaranteed resource. To do this, for example, compensating coupling method is suggested, which is based on the calculation methods of CAD/CAM/CAE/CSE NX 7.5 and field tests considering the impact of technology of surface hardening. The character of strain in «elastic element» in NX 7.5. The calculations of the elastic element module «flexible body» NX 7.5, but due to the fact that the calculation is impossible to consider technological parameters of manufac-turing is conducted equivalent full-scale tests. Accordingly, designed and built a stand for equiva-lent tests. Finally, for comparison, is a computer simulation to calculate large displacements and complicated movements of the coupling. For this we used the application NX 7.5 «Simulation of kinematic mechanisms» with the attraction tools «Flexible body».

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production