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  • The method of constructing a hierarchy of criteria on the basis of ontological analysis system

    The paper describes a method to build Jerah krietriev for solving decision making in the management of complex multivariable systems based on functional decomposition . The result of functional decomposition takes the form of an ontology -based posnroennoy deskriptinvyh logic to build a hierarchy of concepts. The advantage of this method is the ability to use it for semi-structured systems. The result of the ontological analysis of the functional structure of the system is the taxonomy, including a description of the processes , organizational structures, and indicators of quality of running processes . When referring to this ontology by using the proposed request is generated hierarchy of indicators , based on the processing of values ​​is carried out and decisions .

    Keywords: ontological analysis, systems analysis, ontology, descriptive logic

  • Marketing strategy: features in services complex of the region (on the example of the Rostov region)

    In article it is briefly considered stages of formation of definition of strategic marketing in scientific literature of Russia. The importance of a services sector in economy and the importance of modernization of the given sphere for the general development of economy as a whole locates. The analysis of dynamics of paid services to the population that will allow to reveal the sphere of servants with the greatest volume of consumption among the population is carried out. Are considered the sphere of transport services of the Rostov region, as a result of research SWOT analysis of marketing strategy is carried out to projections to the sphere of transport services of the Rostov region and recommendations to transport companies of the Rostov region for a choice of suitable marketing strategy are made.

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production

  • To questions of construction of integrated operators with осциллирующими in factors in space L2(Bn)

    Article is devoted multidimensional integrated operators with homogeneous kernels and oscillating in factors of a special kind. The operators representing the sum of the composed are studied: the initial integrated operator with a homogeneous kernel, the operator with осциллирующим in factor and a homogeneous kernel. For the given operators the concept of a symbol, of which terms is defined the criterion neterovosti and the formula of calculation of an index is received. The task in view decision is based on a reduction of the multidimensional integrated equation to infinite diagonal system of the one-dimensional equations.

    Keywords: Integral operators with homogeneous kernels,integral operators with oscillating factors, multidimensional integral equations

  • To unstable coloration centres in rear earth gallium garnets

    The coloration centres (CC) in crystals of rear earth gallium garnets (REGG): Gd3Ga5O12 (GGG), Gd3Sc1,6Ga3,4O12 (GSGG) и Nd3Ga5O12 (NGG) obtained by Chohraljskiy method, were investigated by methods of optical spectroscopy and spectral analysis in the wavelength range of 0,2-0,87 microns. In the case of keeping the samples under dark conditions, unstable CC were formed in the crystals of GGG and GSGG. The absorption maxima are at λmax1 = 0,243 m and λmax2 = 0,275 m at concentration of N ~ 1018 cm-3. It is suggested that the observed enlightenment is caused by the recharging of growth defects and occurring the energy levels in the band gap of garnets. It appears that these CC correspond to centres of O- holes, originated from gallium vacancies V3-Ga 3+ in tetrahedral and octahedral nots which form near clusters of [V3-Ga 3+ - V2+O2- ]

    Keywords: color centers, rare earth gallium garnets, kristylly, Czochralski method, the crystal lattice

  • The human capital and innovative factors of its development

    In article the concept and structure of the human capital, the investment as a basis of its formation are considered; classification and features of investments into the human capital; an optimum parity of market and state investments into the human capital. Creation of the scientifically-educational centers promoting integration of the advanced researches and formation, for the purpose of growth of the human capital in Russia and to its more effective use is offered.

    Keywords: reproduction of the human capital, the investment into the human capital, features of investments into the human capital, components of the human capital, the scientifically-educational center.

  • Modeling system of controlling in industrial enterprise

      The article suggests a structural model of the system and process of controlling an industrial enterprise. In this article the method of six levels of hierarchy - six levels of detail building model controlling system. We describe the elements of the system controlling an industrial enterprise, a model is made up of decision-making, identifies the criteria for raising the efficiency of the process of enterprise management.

    Keywords: controlling, planning, modeling, stability organization, system analysis.

  • Information about authors (№2, 2012)

    Information about authors of issue №2 (2012)

    Keywords: authors