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  • Pattern development and essential parameters of diversified entrepreneurial structures

    Modern trends in the transformation of business structures and forms of inter-firm cooperation have led to the emergence of new organizational and structural solutions allowing businesses to successfully compete in the market, respond quickly to changes in the external environment and internal changes, contributing to the development potential of the business. So in the Russian economic practice, along with established corporate organizational structures and network business structures brand new specific structural forms are gaining popularity, being diversified entrepreneurial business systems, combining features of corporate and network structures, but also having specific characteristics that allow them to be identified as an independent type of structures. This paper discusses the most important parameters influencing the development of a diversified network of entrepreneurial business systems and analyses key characteristics of the data structures to identify their place in the chain of organizational structures evolution  

    Keywords: organizational evolution, corporate structure, network structure, diversified entrepreneurial structure, business system

  • Investments in power generation

    This article discusses the state of the electricity sector after the reform. The main conclusion of the results of the reform is based on indicators of sustainability. At the end of the article the author makes recommendations for the introduction of the single tax benefits and the need for state intervention in the issue of attracting investment.

    Keywords: energy, investment, production capacity, stability, state

  • Information about authors (№3, 2011)

    Information about authors of issue №4 (2011)

    Keywords: authors