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  • Analysis of modern methods of increase of stability of asphalt concrete pavements to rutting

    The article provides analysis of modern methods of struggle with the rut in road clothes with asphalt. Increasing the resistance of asphalt concrete pavements to rutting can be done in two ways: by calculation and improve the composition of the asphalt concrete. Development of methodology for calculation of road constructions on the resistance to rutting will allow us to take the design of pavements resistant to rutting and develop strategies for maintenance activities. Material science solutions to optimize the properties of the asphalt are to improve the properties of binders, use of modifiers, the use of asphalt concrete that is resistant to rutting, such as stone mastic asphalt and polymer-dispersed-reinforced asphalt concrete.

    Keywords: road construction, rutting, asphalt pavement, polymer-bitumen binder, the composition of the asphalt concrete, stone mastic asphalt, polymer-dispersed-reinforced asphalt concrete, methods of forecasting rutting

  • Multispectral optical method formation and image processing formation at low contrast hypodermic priori uncertainty skin parameters

    The advanced multispectral method is developed for formation and recovery of the image of a hypodermic on the basis of function of a detuning and its algorithm realizing. The method reduces distorting influence of change of characteristics of skin on image formation. Use of function of a detuning allows to make processing without observance of rigid requirements to the accuracy of a choice of lengths of waves on which images and, respectively, providing a preset value of the relation of values of optical thicknesses of skin are formed.

    Keywords: Restore images, multispectral method, the function of detuning, the optical thickness, the reflection coefficient

  • The relationship of the tax planning and strategic management accounting as the basis of the effective work of the enterprise

    This article  considers different points of views on tax planning .There is difference in attitude of Russian and foreign scientists and businessmen  and foreign experts towards tax planning. The article considers the essence of tax planning, its aims and  the necessity of combination of  strategic management with tax planning. The finance planning matrix correlating strategic management with tax planning is given here.

    Keywords: tex, tex planning , management accounting, strategic management accounting, rolling forecasts, texing forecasts, optimistic tex, activity-based management, finance planning

      For the previously proposed microphone system with adaptive control algorithm was investigated directional characteristic accuracy of the determination the angle of the sound source. The dependences of the absolute deviation on the angle of signal arrival of the sound source, defined by the spread of sensitivities directional microphone system were received.

    Keywords: adaptive algorithm, microphone system, accuracy of localization, control characteristic orientation, directional microphone, space-time processing

  • Information about authors (№3, 2011)

    Information about authors of issue №4 (2011)

    Keywords: authors