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  • Mathematical model development for the complex evaluation of the electric object state.

    The article is dedicated to development of a mathematical model for evaluation of production assets in smart power grids state for decision support system. The results of equipment state evaluation can be used for prognosis of reliability of the asset and each of its components functioning for the time interval, for which various versions of technical solutions are considered.  

    Keywords: decision support system, state assessment, Smart Grid

  • Some new trends in modern coloristics frail interiors

    Discusses the main changes in kolorostike residential interiors in the period from 2003 to 2013 on the basis of analysis of works by Russian disigners. Whole Russian interior designers have lost some identity. Changing the color palette for the interior, executed in the style of "Art Deco", "modern", "fusion". Novation - "Ecostyle" and interiors in a light-color installations. Basically, the color palette has become more complex and sophisticated, perhaps less distinctive.

    Keywords: palette, styles, art deco, fusion, ideally Ecostyle, color, private interiors, contrast

  • Theoretical features of management of organizational conflict in modern management

    Article is devoted to aspects of management, aimed at investigating the nature of organizational conflict in order to identify the causes and possible management. Relevance of the topic emphasized by the fact that the study of conflict, its causes, and the methods and means of management emerged relatively recently and now, when the Russian economy is going through a stage of radical reform, this aspect of management is of interest for many researchers. Since the conflict in terms of joint activities of people are able to reduce labor productivity, it is necessary as soon as possible to anticipate. Particularly noteworthy are the management of organizational conflicts, as in the current economic development organization is a key participant in the economic relations and the conflicts that arise in this subject in need of early detection and effective management.

    Keywords: organizational conflict resolution, management, conflict management, the concept

  • The properties of the products of gravel crushing recycled concrete as inert aggregate concrete mixtures

    Study the properties of rubble, produced by crushing recycled concrete. Secondary crushing of concrete products in the mass contains 20% of the grains gravel fraction 20-40 mm and 40-50% of the fraction 5-20 mm. The resulting rubble is the brand for divisibility 300-600, and its abrasion is within the A2-A4. Both indices increase with increasing grain size. To assess the grain shape of rubble offered index φs, which is the ratio of grain surface rubble to the surface of the cube of equal volume.

    Keywords: concrete, crushing, gravel, crushability, wearability

  • Ecological entrepreneurship: essence, features, development ways

      The paper attempts to analyze existing in the economic literature to define the essence of environmental and ekologo-orientation business. Outlines the main ways of developing a new direction for our country's business.

    Keywords: environmental business, the market for environmental goods and services

  • Evaluation of the quality of exercise on a computer simulator handling machine using fuzzy sets

    The article is devoted to the development of the new algorithm performance-training exercises on a computer simulator handling machine. The problem of training of operators handling machines, development of structure-aided training exercises for operators handling machines, the criteria for the exercise on a computer simulator handling machine, the calculation of the coefficient of absorption, using fuzzy logic, the algorithm of the exercise are discussed in the article. The work was supported by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation  (contract № 13.G25.31.0093) as part of the RF Government Decree № 218 "On measures of state support for the development of cooperation of Russian higher education institutions and organizations implementing complex projects on high-tech production"

    Keywords: Handling machine, a computer simulator, computer-aided learning, learning coefficient, fuzzy output

  • Flaw detection of a steel wire method of tensor magnetic topology

    `Described is the methodology of studying of topology of tensor quantity of magnetic field of leakage of natural defects in the natural geomagnetic field magnetization, which is the base for realization of digital Hall defect scope. Using this set it was managed to register the defects with the peculiar size of 15 microns in steel wire, which is used for reeling of butter spring of trucks.

    Keywords: non-destructive testing, Hall-effect sensor, magnetic tomography.

  • Information about authors (№3, 2011)

    Information about authors of issue №4 (2011)

    Keywords: authors