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  • The dependence of the relaxation properties of down from the temperature

    The article presents a systematic analysis of the habitat of waterfowl eider ducks, goose, geese and ducks, whose down is used in the production of thermal protective clothing and equipment. On the basis of the analysis, the hypothesis that the difference of the elastic properties of feather mass Northern species birds eider ducks and geese from domestic birds living in relatively comfortable temperatures. The method of experiment to determine the relaxation properties of textiles in a cylindrical cell. Conducted study of the relaxation properties of down masses of different types of birds depending on the temperature, which showed higher relaxation down masses of eider ducks and geese at low temperatures. A large mass of down, the diameter and shape of the barbs and tendrils, the number of tertiary structures indicate that the eiderdown has to be extremely elastic and resistant to stress. The results of experimental studies on the rheological properties of the feather down raw materials of water birds. Levels of regenerative abilities on the initial thickness of textile cells filled with fluff, recommendations on the use of down-feather mixtures in thermal protective clothing in various price categories.

    Keywords: Key words: feather down insulation, thermal protective clothing, textile cell, filling the capacity of the fluff, the rheological properties of down, the relaxation properties of down, loading-unloading, aeration

  • Substantiation the effectiveness of natural filtration material ODM-2F in water treatment

    The results of experimental studies on the sorption properties of the material ODM - 2F in aluminum, iron and petroleum products

    Keywords: Water preparation, filtering material, the sorption isotherm, ODM-2F

  • The effect of the accelerated diffusion on the performance properties of copper wires with Nickel coating

    In this paper we attempt to quantitatively describe the process of diffusion of Nickel atoms to the copper substrate, taking into account the accelerated diffusion along the grain boundaries. A model experiment allows us to get guidance on the selection of the optimum thickness of the Nickel coating to ensure stable operation of wire with desired characteristics

    Keywords: Nickel coating, the optimum thickness, copper wire, enhanced diffusion, diffusion coefficient, diffusion distribution of atoms, the grain boundary, modeling, task Fisher

  • The influence of deep energy levels on the gas sensitivity's coefficient of conductometric gas sensors

    A method of prognosis of gas sensitivity's coefficient of conductometric gas sensors with sensitive layer which is based on a semiconductor with deep energy levels in the fobidden zone was developed. As a result it was found out that deep energy levels can cause a significant increasing of gas sensitivity's coefficient as well as influence on the chemosorptive properties of sensitive layer.

    Keywords: Сonductometric gas sensor, gas sensitivity, sensitive layer, semiconductor, deep-lying levels.

  • The Electrically Active Impurities Inhomogeneous Distribution Influence on The Charge Carriers Transfer in Metal-semiconductor Contacts with Schottky Barrier

    The mathematical model and the simulation of metal-semiconductor contacts with Schottky barrier volt-ampere characteristics taking into account electrically active impurities inhomogeneous distribution in semiconductor are proposed in this work. The developed mathematical model takes into account quantum mechanical effects during the charge carriers transfer in metal-semiconductor junctions with Schottky barrier and allows forecasting their volt-ampere characteristics. The simulation results meet the experimental data from famous literary sources. The developed mathematical model can be used in computer aided design of integrated circuits elements.

    Keywords: Schottky diode, potential, Poisson equation, volt-ampere characteristic

  • Computer-aided Diagnostic System of Semiconductor Structures

    Computer-aided diagnostic system of semiconductor structures for the tested structures volt-ampere and voltage-capacitance characteristics measuring at different temperatures in wide ranging bias voltage was made in this work. Computer-aided diagnostic system of semiconductor structures allows to define parameters of deep-lying levels, profiles of alloying impurities distribution, charge carriers life span, surface states energy spectrum density with high reliability and efficiency and can be used for processing and optimization of technological modes for solid-state electronics structures generation.

    Keywords: diagnostics, dynamic spectroscopy of deep-lying levels , spectrum, deep-lying levels, surface states, profile of impurity distribution

  • The influence of electric field of junction with Schottky barrier on the impurity atoms relocation in semiconductor.

    The simulation of the process of the electrically active impurities relocation in the electric field of Schottky diode space charge region has been made. The analysis of the simulation results shows the possibility of controlled alloying impurities relocation on the depth about tens of nanometers caused by electrically active atoms diffusion in the electric field of Schottky diode space charge region.

    Keywords: diffusion, space charge region, Schottky diode

  • Modification of surface of gas sensor’s sensitive layer by the electric disintegration

    The peculiarities of modification of silicon’s surface structure by the electric disintegration were researched. It was established that the electric disintegration of sensitive layer’s surface increases its effective area and the density of surface state. It also forms the deep energy levels in the forbidden zone of the semiconductor which are conditioned by atoms of the electrode’s material and by dislocation. In total it makes possible to modify the sensitivity and selectivity of gas sensors.

    Keywords: modification of surface, sensitive layer, gas sensor, electric disintegration

  • The influence of multiple-charge impurity centers on the potential distribution in the semiconductor surficial region

    The mathematical model of the potential distribution in the semiconductor surficial region in the presence of deep-lying levels in its forbidden zone which specified by multiple-charge impurity centers has been developed. The simulation results can be used for the width of the space charge region estimation, for the prognostication of the most probable mechanism of the charge carriers transfer in metal-semiconductor structure with multiple-charge deep-lying levels and also for the prognostication of the barrier capacitance value. It can be used in the development of solid-state electronic devices with improved values of some parameters.

    Keywords: Poisson’s equation, multiple-charge impurity center, potential distribution, deep-lying levels

  • Passive pressure sensor based on surface acoustic waves

      Proposed to use a sensor based on surface acoustic wave (SAW), which represents a delay line with unidirectional interdigital transducers (IDT) for measuring the pressure in the liquid. Reflective IDT loaded by series connected inductor and two capacities. One of these capacities - this trimmer, and another - a membrane capacitor whose capacitance depends on the pressure. When the pressure changes of the membrane capacitance capacitor, which changes the reflectivity of the reflective IDT. The magnitude of changes in this ratio determines the pressure applied to the membrane capacity.  

    Keywords: Sensor, pressure, surface acoustic wave, pulse answer, liquid