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  • Communication system model as a source of distinctive features

    The presented article describes the modeling of a communication system (hereinafter SS) organized by a plurality of communication nodes of a public communication network (hereinafter SS SSN) and its elements. The task of modeling is to obtain interrelated initial data on the set of features for each investigated SS of the SSNS at each moment of the model time, taking into account the implemented activation processes and the logic of SS functioning. The process of functioning with the SS as a source of features is studied using a complex analytical and simulation model, since deterministic and random factors are taken into account for its development. The manifestation of signs is a complex process, since the SS is constantly in dynamics. However, the increasing intensity of the increase in the use of communication means and the load in communication channels leads to an increase in the number of manifested set of signs. The reasons for the manifestation of many signs are such factors as: dynamics of movement of the USS of the SSOP; modes of operation of SSOP elements, etc. All of these factors are used in the model as activating the manifestation of many features.

    Keywords: communication system, public communication network, communication node, sign of a system element, information direction, activating factor

  • Methods for processing monitoring results with a dynamically changing level of database resolution

    At present, the number of means for collecting information about the characteristics of elements of a public communication system is increasing. Databases.

    Keywords: database, monitoring systems, information, resolution, processing of information arrays, similarity rate, process automation, public communication system, communication system elements