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  • Complex sociological portrait of entrants, students and graduates of system of secondary professional education: theoretical-methodological bases of research

    The request from authorities and the public for receiving a sociological portrait of students of system of secondary professional education in the conditions of market economy assumes use of complex innovative and evidence-based techniques of its creation. The article presents theoretical-methodological foundations of sociological research whose purpose is to receive evidence-based portrait of applicants, students and graduates of secondary professional education. It proves that the comprehensive description of social and status lines, career expectations and the educational strategy of this social community has to be based on the heuristic potential of resource, valuable and motivational and functional approaches and be carried out within a neoclassical paradigm of scientific research. The social research which being built on these conceptual bases, would promote adequate identification of the problem parties of development and transformation of students of the system of secondary professional education. It will create a possibility of updating of training programs according to the current inquiries as labor market and students, and will become a basis of improvement of the policy of the secondary professional education organizations directed to development of methods of involvement of entrants.

    Keywords: system of secondary professional education, complex sociological portrait, students as social group, educational strategy, professional installations