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  • Ice situation monitoring using devices based on nonlinear acoustics

    Application for monitoring ice conditions devices based on nonlinear acoustics using parametric radiating antenna takes into consideration such characteristics of the formation of the acoustic field, as having both low-frequency difference frequency formed as a result of the nonlinear interaction of two close by the value of the pump waves, and, in fact, high-frequency radiation source pump waves Development of instruments for acoustic monitoring ice conditions require consideration of all possible real oceanographic situations in which they will operate. The article discusses the results of the development of a system for monitoring the panorama of ice conditions in the parametric mode sonar. The analysis of the formation and propagation of the probing signals into acoustic channel parametric meter ice thickness is formulated the principle of measuring the thickness of the reflection (scattering) of the acoustic signals from a locally stratified system with blurred boundaries. Mathematical modeling of the acoustic channel power meter ice thickness and "windows of transparency" on the basis of the calculation of the critical angles of incidence and refraction. The conclusion of the feasibility of using as reference signals of shear waves.

    Keywords: ice monitoring acoustic antenna, the critical angle , the transparency window

  • Paroxysmal activity and activation of reserve opportunities of an organism

    Due to a significant increase in stress effects on humans at the present time, there is a need to develop methodologies to optimize its functional state. The aim of this study was to search EEG correlates to define the permissible limits of the reserve functional state. The study was used the author's P-adic model of the trajectory transitions psychophysiological States. The study was conducted on 20 male students of the specialty " physical culture Taganrog Institute named after A.P. Chehova sessions free breathing. Removal of biological information produced by the international system "10-20" monopolar scheme on 8 leads (Fp1, Fp2, N3, N4, P3, P4, O1, O2), on the basis of computer EEG system "Kompakt-Neuro" (developer - scientific-medical firm "Neurotech"). These studies showed that paroxysmal activity can act as an EEG correlate of the permissible limits of the reserve functional status, beyond which begin serious pathological processes.

    Keywords: electroencephalography, epileptic, the reserves of the organism, altered States of consciousness, extreme conditions.