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  • The quality of the institutional environment in the development of entrepreneurial regions in southern Russia

    Under the conditions of a continuous process of increase of efficiency of functioning of social and economic systems, the research of the problem of correct estimation of the influence of institutional factors on region development becomes top-priority. The article considers the analysis of regional institutional factors which influence enterprise activity. The purpose of the analysis is revealing and estimation of factors of institutional environments which are necessary for development of enterprise activity of a region. The analysis is based on the example of development of small business, offered by public organisation «Opora Rossii». The analysis of the enterprise climate is done on the example of three southern regions, namely the Krasnodar territory, the Volgograd and Rostov regions. On the basis of the analysis there are developed recommendations about increase of the level of the development of the institute of enterprise activity in the surveyed regions. The results of the research have practical importance and can be used for improvement of existing regional programs of economic development.

    Keywords: region, institutional environment, small business, institute of entrepreneurship.