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  • Increasing the accuracy of metalworking of oil and gas engineering parts by choosing a rational wear-resistant coating for cutting tools

    The oil and gas engineering industry is undergoing changes that are associated with the introduction of innovative technologies, methods and tools to improve production processes and systems. All changes make it possible to achieve an increase in the average resource, durability and profit of the enterprise as a whole. Processing parts of the oil and gas complex and reducing all types of wear on the cutting part of the tool currently remains the most pressing topic. The continuous operation of a cutting tool is influenced by many factors. The relationship between cutting speed and tool life allows you to select the optimal speed. The work identifies the main directions of research on the selection of wear-resistant coatings for cutters to improve the accuracy of metalworking. The research was carried out using modern computer programs, which made it possible to draw certain conclusions, derive dependencies and determine the range of tasks for further research. Application of the main results will improve the processing efficiency and surface quality of parts in the oil and gas sector.

    Keywords: durability, cutting mode, cutter, optimization, experiment, methodology, accuracy, processing, coatings, deformation