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Subject and factorial analysis of creation and cost distribution


Subject and factorial analysis of creation and cost distribution

L.A. Gafarova

Incoming article date: 21.11.2013

The article opens the analysis of a role of factors of production in economic processes. The conclusion that a key influencing element of domination of a factor of production is ensuring competitive advantage with it in production is reasoned. Theoretical justification of influence of a key factor of production on processes of creation and cost distribution is given. Comparison of use of dominating factors of production and their contribution to economic development of the country is given in article. Comparison is given over economically developed countries and Russia. Also researches of innovative development of the countries are given in article, given the International research groups, and the main problems of formation and development of the Russian national innovative system are specified.

Keywords: cost, production factor, cost creation, cost distribution, economic subject, innovations, high technologies