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  • Development of Value-Oriented Remuneration System of Engineering Personnel for Design Companies of Road-building Complex

    The article examines features of remuneration systems which are traditionally applied in the design companies of road-building complex, and the value-oriented remuneration system which is aimed at forming the economic incentives to maximization of company’s value is proposed. The close attention is payed to substantiation of mechanism of production department’s bonus fund forming based on calculation of free cash flow attributed to the department

    Keywords: Remuneration system, design company, value-based management, free cash flow

  • Prospective grinding equip-ment for factories and mobile units

    The necessity to improve the grinding process of building materials used in the construc-tion of roads using mobile mo-bile plants, based on the con-centration of operations on a single machine, a diagram of a fundamentally new developed systems for their implementa-tion

    Keywords: Mobile installations, roads, cement-concrete mixtures, crushing and grinding equip-ment, mill dynamic autogenous grinding, two-mill dynamic autogenous, factionalism, energy

  • Development of logistic model based on integration conceptual modeling, object oriented approach, multi agent systems, simulation and intelligent systems

    The multi agent model of resources conversion process have rising in 2 direction – simulation of processes and integration with artificial intelligent approaches (expert systems, situation and multi agent simulation) at now. In this work the main attention gave second  direction that consist of knowledge representation research and integration with conceptual modeling for application in domain ontologies in decision support systems. The semantic network of multi agent resources conversion process was designed. The intelligent systems design method based on conceptual modeling, multi agent systems, simulation, expert and situation systems, object oriented approach was described.  Model and method was implemented in software product BPsim. The software product was implemented in practice tasks.

    Keywords: resource conversion process, multi-agent system, intelligent agent, logistic

  • The usage of the tubes of the corrosion proof design for the reliability assurance of oil and gas transport systems in West Siberia

    In the article the types of the tubes, used for transportation of hydrocarbon resources on oil and gas fields of West Siberia are considered. the analysis of the statistical data and materials on the corrosion protection in the West-Siberian region is also provided in the article. moreover, the most optimal and effective ways of corrosion protection using the tubes of high corrosion resistance are introduced in the article.

    Keywords: hostile environment, incident, corrosion, alloy steel, reliability, refusal, pipeline

  • Thermostability of oxide alkali tungsten and molybdenum bronzes

    Oxide bronzes MxEO3 (M–Na,K; E – W,Mo) are the inorganic materials for technics and chemical technology. Its properties, for example stability in wide interval of temperatures, are of great practical interest (electrodes for fuel elements, electronic apparatuses  and others).                                                                             In this article the results of studies of thermostability of sodium and potassium tungsten and molybdenum bronzes in atmosphere and vacuum condition at the temperatures range 20-1110°C were found. The samples are prepared by electrolysis of melts of sodium and potassium isopolytungstates and molybdates. Dates for bronzes Na0.92WO3 , Na0.68WO3 , Na0.53WO3 , Na0.15MoO3, K0.3MoO3 were characterized by the termogravimetric-differential- thermal analysis (TG-DTA). Regions of stability of Na0.92WO3 : 20-700°C , of MxMoO3 : 300-500°C were founded. Conclusion about correlation of  nonstoichiometry of chemical composition of EOx bronzes and oxides, which making important role in formation of less - common metal bronzes structure.

    Keywords: oxide alkali bronzes, tungsten, molybdenum, thermostability, nonstoichiometry, thermal analysis

  • Laser interferential thermometric measurement of high frequency (HF) and super-high frequency (SHF) energy density

    There submitted a HF and SHF field energy density measuring technique developed by authors in this work with application of semiconducting laser interferometer measuring an alteration of a glass plate optical thickness while the plate is placed in the sphere of HF or SHF heating. Operability of the technique is demonstrated by measurement of a microwave oven electromagnetic field energy density distribution

    Keywords: laser interferometer, temperature measurement, HF and SHF field sensor

  • Research the performance of methods for determining the parameters of piezoceramic elements

    Assesses the performance of common and new methods for determining the parameters of piezoelectric elements using hardware and software developed by means of LabView.

    Keywords: control of piezoceramic elements, methods for determining the parameters, LabView, production, productivity.

  • Model of sales management in the modern Russian business: Reserves efficiency

    In the paper the authors developed a classification of sales management system in contemporary Russian companies included the following main types: "Spontaneous -intuitive type", "Sorokin's Nest", "System-spontaneous type," and "Structural-technological type." The classification is based on main sales management function analysis. The most popular type was identified. A low level of its organization could be a reason of a prudent effectiveness of contemporary Russian sales management systems. 

    Keywords: sales management systems, classification of sales management system types, "Spontaneous-intuitive type", "Sorokin's Nest", "System-spontaneous type," and "Structural-technological type", level of sales management system effectiveness

  • Sustainable development in forming of effective region transport and logistic system

    The analysis of a current status of region transport system was carried out. Main problems of public transport system were revealed and the directions of their decision were determined. Author suggest to use the concept of a sustainable development for the purpose of creation of sustainable transport and logistic system (STLS). The main components were considered, the basic principles of creation of STLS were systematized. Result of research is the complex of managerial measures and strategy of STLS directed on forming.

    Keywords: public transport, transport and logistic system, sustainable development, complex

  • Information content of the frequency characteristics of N-gram of the websites text fragments for search systems

      The work in the Internet is impossible without the use of search systems. The quality of the responses to user’s requests to a large extent depends on the keywords. However, due to some circumstances the user is not able to accurately enough to formulate a request and the number of received responses is great. In these situations, additional feature relevant answers selection can be text documents belonging to a particular implicit group. Implicitness group is shown in the fact that the text belongs to it is determined not by direct comparison with the reference (key) words, but by matching the semantic features, the wording of which is absent in the search text. Implementation of text classification can be made on the basis of the frequency characteristics of N-grams. The purpose of the work is to assess the possibility of using the frequency characteristics of N-gram of the websites text fragments to improve search engine based on a study of their information content. In this work designed a method based on the selection of informative indicators of N-gram with low computational requirements and with application of the correlation analysis. Based on its application has been shown that the frequency characteristics of N-grams have sufficient information content to improve search engines. The developed method has many common with systems of writing, because it relies not only on the alphabetic systems.  

    Keywords: N-gram, request, semantic features, search engine

  • The neural networks recognition of the classes in real time

    The work is devoted to the development of theoretical and practical basis for the use of intelligent technologies for productive extraction of knowledge from data sets for decision-making in real time.Developed the method  construction of the accelerating algorithm, while controlling for allowable adequacy model allows training neural network models in the rate of real-time within a given risk. Proposed accelerating algorithm and neural network models are built based on a standard emulator, providing the required efficiency in the processing of the input array. within the limits.

    Keywords: neyroemulyator speeding up the algorithm, cascade circuit training sample, gradient descent, back propagation of error

  • The model predictive control system simulation for the catalytic cracking process of oil

    The especially the functioning of fluid catalytic cracking plant are considered. A mathematical model of a catalytic cracking plant is presented here. Implemented model identification based on experimental data. The predictive controller based on predictive control method for dynamic processes is developed. Effectiveness of the approach is confirmed by the results of catalytic cracking plant simulation. 

    Keywords: catalytic cracking, modeling, model predictive control, multivariate control system, optimization

  • Properties of coverings an alloy the zinc-nickel, received from the electrolytes containing chloride of ammonium

    The characteristic of ammonium electrolytes for electrodeposition of an alloy zinc-nickel is given. Corrosion properties, microhardness and phase structure of coverings by an alloy zinc-nickel are studied.

    Keywords: electrodeposition, properties of coverings an alloy zinc-nickel, the electrolytes containing chloride of ammonium

  • Determination of deflections of beams with corrugated web with the shear strain

    This article is devoted to the analytical determination of deflections of beams with corrugated web. The reduced shear modulus which must be considered when determining the components deflection from of the shear strain in the beam with corrugated web is defined. Applying the energy method in the form of the Ritz, the problem of determining deflections with considering of bending strain and shear strain is solved. This article, as an example, is considered simply supported beam on both sides of constant and variable cross-section and are given to the final formulas according with three kinds of loading. The results of the calculation of the numerical examples for the three main shapes of corrugated web are submitted. Numerical results with great accuracy are consistent with calculations based on the finite element method.

    Keywords: beams, corrugated web, energy, work, deflection, shear strain

  • Principles and provisions of the common information space of the transport market

    There are principles that are included in the basis of common information space. The most of all principles are relevance, predictability, specific, response time, institutional, security. The article consider technical aspects such as the distribution of computing power on the basis of the properties of parallel processes, systems requirements (scalability, distribution), logistics principles of information flow, the implementation of the functions of information processes. The article describes the technical, economic and legal basis of common information space. Since railway trasnport includes a number of developments, the implementation uses the principles of reengineering such as optimality, adaptability, redundancy, rationality, vertical, horizontal, intensity etc ...

    Keywords: common information space, principles, clustering, parallel computing, predictability, consistency, optimization

  • Features of online monitoring in education

    The article discusses  features of online monitoring using interactive questionnaires in educational sphere. The main features of  online programs are given for carrying out research. The factors which determine  quality of  monitoring program are considered. There are represented the main advantages of  online questionnaires usage for researchers and respondents.

    Keywords: educational monitoring, interactive questionnaire, online monitoring, quality of educational processes

  • The interconnected control system of heating and ventilation installations in the protected ground

    Consider the use of management system of heating and ventilation plants in greenhouses, uniform distribution of heat and humidity in the area of biological objects, the use of an improved system of management regimes of the microclimate in the protected ground on the basis of programmable smart relays

    Keywords: power consumption, temperature-humidity conditions, microclimate

  • Software for stereovisualization of FEM simulating results

    The presented work extends the state-of-art of visualization construction simulations in three dimensions (3D). Classical computer graphics methods can be used to instrument construction models to automatically generate dynamic visualizations of any construction models. The visualization problem of FEM analysis is considered. A description is presented of programs of convertation and visualization of results of finite element method analysis of geodesic domes.

    Keywords: simulation, computer graphics, geodesic domes, finite element method, convertation, visualization

  • Mathematical model and computer visualization of the intricate geometrical objects

      This paper presents the mathematical model for the construction of visual images of the intricate geometrical objects by means of computer graphics of transformed initial well-known surfaces. The transformed surfaces are a result of applying the mathematical transformations to the analytical representations of initial well-known classical surfaces such as plane, cone, cylinder, sphere, ellipsoid, etc. Graphical means of computer visualization of the geometrical objects is included  in the previously developed software application “ArtMathGraph” (AMG). The AMG application provides the possibility to interactive combine the individual images into computer compositions of derivable intricate geometrical objects as computer models of technical, natural or architectural visual images.    

    Keywords: Mathematical Modeling, Analytical Surfaces, Computer Visualization

  • Mathematical modeling of kinematic ruled surfaces on the base of one-sheet hyperboloid of revolution as fixed and moving axoids

      New mathematical model of complex moving one axoid along another for the case of one-sheet hyperboloid of revolution as fixed and moving axoids has been proposed. On the base of this model analytical development and computer graphics of the new kinematic ruled surfaces are realized.   

    Keywords: Mathematical Modeling, Computer Graphics, Kinematic Surfaces

  • Personal selling is a tool for promotion in the system of integrated marketing communications

    Is considered a tool of marketing communications - personal selling. Describes the basic theoretical aspects of the system of integrated marketing communications, differences of classical and integrated complex of the promotion, analysis of a modern condition of integrated marketing communications. Allocated significance, main features, the uniqueness, the advantages and disadvantages of personal sales. Defined are the main differences between personal sales from the other instruments of the complex progress, as well as the identification of the characteristics of personal sales in the integration with other promotion tools of the marketing complex. Describes the use of personal sales, the system of integrated marketing communications. Allocation of the basic purposes and tasks of the personal sale in a complex of promotion and in integrated marketing communications.

    Keywords: Complex promotion, marketing communication, integrated marketing communications, personal selling, personal contact

  • Expert system of electric transformer's diagnostics

    There is an expert system of electric transformer's diagnostics. This system can substitutes an expert and to choose the right decision in technical service and repairmen an electric transformer of railway electric substations. The article analyzes the modern methods of diagnostics and control the remaning life of electric transformer of railway electric substation. This analysis shows that all methods of diagnostics can determines the defect when it appeared. The task to create automated neural system for prediction the defect in the future. It is proposed to use expert system with the recurrent neural network, because it has ability to predict the time series.

    Keywords: Electric railways, electric transformer, railway electric substation, diagnostics of operating condition, prediction

  • Simulation of the design activity diversification of innovative enterprise

    Solution for high-speed video transmission in hydroacoustic channel by amplitude modulation with orthogonal subcarriers is specified. Results of method experimental check are presented. Discussed method is doppler-tolerant and can be realized in many common DSPs.

    Keywords: hydroacousitcs, video transmission, amplitude modulation

  • Microwave band-pass filter on waveguides of complex cross-section, integrated into a multilayered chip with SIW technology

    The possibilities of waveguide elements realization in the structure of multilayered integrated chips of centimeter and millimeter ranges with SIW (Substrate Integrated Waveguide)-technology application are considered. The approaches allowing effectively using in new structures the algorithms and techniques of the electrodynamic analysis and synthesis of passive devices on classical all-metal waveguides are offered. Advantages of use in SIW structure the waveguides of complex cross-section are considered on the example of the microwave band-pass filter.

    Keywords: A.A. Gadzieva, V.V. Zemlyakov, S.V. Krutiev