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  • Nanocomposite organic-hybrid materials

    In this article is reviewed the nature of organic hybrid nanocomposites. Promising directions in the field of organic hybrid nanocomposite materials will be methods for the synthesis of multicomponent materials, as well as the type of "net net" and "host-guest". The fundamental problem with the chemistry and physics of nanocomposites is dependent "structure-property". Solving this problem will move from research materials to their purposeful design.

    Keywords: nanocomposite sol-gel technology, synthesis, nanoparticles.

  • Technique of optimization of tree cutting process via integrated machine

    The article suggests technique of optimization of tree cutting and skidding process via felling-skidding machines and felling-skidding-processing machines. The realization of this technique will allow reducing of time costs and raising of machine efficiency taking into account accessibility of stand cutting, relief features and technological working conditions.

    Keywords: integrated machine, cutting, tree, timber harvesting, skidding.

  • Analysis of directions of innovation activity and development management of the commercial organization

    Directions of innovative activity of commercial organizations to ensure its development in the competitive, volatile market environment are investigated.

    Keywords: commercial organization, management, directions of innovative activity

  • Key component of a personnel management system

    Selection of shots – one of key components of a personnel management system. Trial and error methods of the personnel share on active and passive, and sources of attraction of shots – external and internal. Active trial and error methods use, in the majority when on a labor market demand exceeds the offer. Passive trial and error methods use when the offer on a labor market exceeds demand. Most widespread of passive methods can call placement of announcements in which the name of open vacancy, requirements to competitors is indicated to a position, work terms of payment. To external sources of attraction of the shots, applied most actively, rank: the announcement on television, in newspapers, on radio, on the Internet; visit by employees of the company of educational institutions; appeal to the centers of employment of the population and staff recruitment agency. Search plus in the company is that fact that when filling vacancy to this position the person familiar with orders of the organization, with its personnel and rate of work that is pledge of successful work gets. The worker adapts for a new position easier. Advantage of an internal set is an increase of motivation at employees to better performance of duties. One more plus – comparative low cost in comparison with external. Qualitatively new approach to selection of the shots arriving for work in the prestigious companies is offered. The experts possessing desire and ability of strategic planning of development of business and as persons are necessary for the advanced company.  

    Keywords: personnel, selection, selection, integrated approach, strategic thinking, profit, collective

  • To unstable coloration centres in rear earth gallium garnets

    The coloration centres (CC) in crystals of rear earth gallium garnets (REGG): Gd3Ga5O12 (GGG), Gd3Sc1,6Ga3,4O12 (GSGG) и Nd3Ga5O12 (NGG) obtained by Chohraljskiy method, were investigated by methods of optical spectroscopy and spectral analysis in the wavelength range of 0,2-0,87 microns. In the case of keeping the samples under dark conditions, unstable CC were formed in the crystals of GGG and GSGG. The absorption maxima are at λmax1 = 0,243 m and λmax2 = 0,275 m at concentration of N ~ 1018 cm-3. It is suggested that the observed enlightenment is caused by the recharging of growth defects and occurring the energy levels in the band gap of garnets. It appears that these CC correspond to centres of O- holes, originated from gallium vacancies V3-Ga 3+ in tetrahedral and octahedral nots which form near clusters of [V3-Ga 3+ - V2+O2- ]

    Keywords: color centers, rare earth gallium garnets, kristylly, Czochralski method, the crystal lattice

  • On the coefficient of prismatic strength of high-strength concrete

    This article provides an account tsentrenno and eccentrically compressed reinforced concrete columns of high-strength concrete on the deformed pattern in SP 63.13330.2012. Compares the results of the calculation of the bearing capacity of the columns with the set experimental data. Proposed adjustments in the form of the coefficients in the formulas for the curvature tsentrenno compressed columns j and eccentrically compressed yb.

    Keywords: high-strength concrete, physical experiment, prism strength, lateral reinforcement, concrete counters, deformation correction factor

  • The conjugation line of step plate stress analysis

    The problem of stress concentration near step junction of sections in constructional elements and machine elements has been solved in this article by means of one singular integral equation. The formula for determination of stress concentration factor depending on fillet radius has been submitted.

    Keywords: Step plate, singular integral equation, conjugation line, stress concentration factor

  • About the question of deformability flexural elements of heavy concrete with the location carbon fiber and composite reinforcement in two rows

    The article discusses issues related to the study of the influence on the deformability of concrete beams of heavy concrete reinforcing steel to replace the carbon fiber arranged in two rows. Found that delamination of the composite beams with reinforcement throughout the range of loads up to 46-54% compared with the reference.

    Keywords: concrete, steel, carbon-fiber reinforcement, test samples, strength, steps of loading, deformability, cracking, load level

  • About the strength of beams of heavy concrete using steel, carbon fiber and combined reinforcement located in two rows

    The article discusses issues related to the strength of the normal sections of reinforced concrete beams in which the steel reinforcement is completely or partially replaced by a carbon fiber rod arranged in two rows. Found that the strength of these beams is only 13% higher than that of the reference.

    Keywords: concrete, steel, composite reinforcing, test samples, strength, failure modes, load level

  • The propositions about the use of inertia conveyors while making concrete (cement-sand) cushions in the buildings with prepared and built-up roofings

    The authors ground the expediency, prove the effectiveness and give an account of the basic points of rational technical decision about the use of a new resource-saving technology of inertial conveyor feeding of concrete mix and cement-sand grout to the point of placement while making concrete (cement-sand) cushions in the buildings with prepared or built-up roofings.

    Keywords: roofing, concrete (cement-sand) cushions, concrete mix, concrete mix feeding, inertia conveyor, cost per unit of labor

  • Studying intense the deformed condition of the soil massif and mutual influence of underground designs of existing and again erected constructions in a coastal zone of seaport of Taman

    Features of a site of construction of constructions of seaport of Taman are considered. The settlement scheme of influence of new construction of point of loading on an existing complex of tanks is proved. The final and element model of a coastal zone with an arrangement of underground designs of existing and port constructions under construction is constructed. Results of calculation intense the deformed condition of the soil massif and construction designs are given.

    Keywords: the pile bases, the soil basis, modeling, a deposit, intense the deformed condition.

  • The differences calculate columns of high-Concrete according to the norms

    The article presents the results of calculations of reinforced concrete columns of high-strength concrete on the SNiP and SP. Compared the results with experimental data. The proposed adjustment formulas used with correction factors k and w resulting standard deviation of the bearing capacity of the columns from the experimental reduced more than four times.

    Keywords: high-strength concrete, physical experiment, the correction factor calculation scheme undeformed

  • The research questions about the compressed reinforced concrete structures strengthened different types of composite materials

    The article presents a brief overview of the results of a study of the compressed elements in our country and abroad, reinforced composite materials. Noted that in Russia this question is poorly understood. Represented a broad research program developed by the Department JBK RSSU aimed to fill these questions.

    Keywords: concrete, steel, carbon-fiber reinforcement, test samples, strength, deformability, cracking.

  • Classification expert system for devices and processes in the railroad facilities

    The paper considers system designed to help with the organization of qualification testing of expert groups, as well as in the provision of software tools for expert and automated clustering and classification of devices and equipment of railway automation. The scope of this complex are intelligent systems, devices, and other equipment in work with whom systematic classification of measurements needed. Presented software application designed on Borland Delphi - high level programming language.

    Keywords: expert system, clustering, classification, acceptance testing, diagnostics of technical condition

  • Mathematical and statistical models predicting efficiency of surgical treatment of certain diseases

    Article focuses on the use of statistical models to predict tolerability surgery using intracavitary hyperthermic chemotherapy (IHCT) and the definition of indications and contraindications to perform operations and tolerability for patients with cancer based on the hemostatic patient. This technique allows a high enough accuracy to prediction portability planned surgery, duration of disease-free period, the period and quality of life in the immediate and late postoperative period.Improve treatment of patients with malignant tumors of the abdomen and pelvis, is one of the priorities of modern health care. Relevance of various parameters of immunity, clinical and biological parameters of homeostasis and prognosis of malignant disease in humans will significantly reduce the proportion of late diagnoses of relapses. Recently there has been increased research to find a method of complex cytoreductive surgery and the use of cytotoxic drugs, and physical therapies, one of which is a local intraoperative hyperthermic chemotherapy. With the help of statistical methods has been studied the degree of influence on the parameters IHCT immunity and an estimate of the nature of the immunological changes in different types of surgery. Methods of binary logistic regression analysis was calculated diskriminatnogo forecast portability operation - patient survival probability. Based on the method of multiple regression were obtained algorithms calculate the duration of life of patients after surgery, and the duration of DFS. Studies based on the factor analysis showed that the main factors affecting the prognosis of disease-free period and the period of life are the morphological structure of the tumor volume cytoreduction, the sum of your immune system and cancer markers. Peritoneal cancer index, sex and age of the patient does not have a significant effect on these parameters. Thus, the introduction into clinical practice of the proposed computer systems and statistical forecasting models allow physicians to objectively evaluate the performance of homeostasis, the portability of the planned surgery, more accurately predict the course of the cancer disease and the likelihood of recurrence of the disease and the duration and quality of life.

    Keywords: statistics, modeling, forecasting, surgery, colorectal cancer, disease-free life expectancy, tolerance of surgery, immunological parameters, factor analysis, regression equation